Eminönü Alibeyköy Tramway Construction Is Completing Despite Crash

eminonu alibeykoy tram construction is being completed even though
eminonu alibeykoy tram construction is being completed even though

In the 1 km section of Eminönü - Alibeyköy Tram, which İBB continues to build, collapses and slips occurred due to past works. This part of the line, which does not fit on the pile system, was broken and the work was started to be done again. Despite this, it is aimed to complete the rail system at the end of the year as planned.

The construction process was accelerated by resolving financing problems in the Eminönü - Alibeyköy Tram Line, whose construction works started in 2016 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department. However, an important technical problem was encountered in the construction of the line.

It has been determined that 2018 km of the rail system completed in October 1 has a vertical sitting, crashing and sliding problem that does not sit on the pile system at a level that would hinder the tram operation in the ground areas below the current foundation and rail level.

In order to quickly solve the problem, an effort was made to find a method that preserves the production that has been made. Meanwhile, measurements and examinations were carried out in the field by IMM engineers and expert academicians assigned by Sakarya University.

As a result of the investigation, during the design phase of the tramline superstructure, the critical ground conditions specific to Haliç were not taken into consideration; During the project phase, it was determined that ground survey and field inspection were not done at a sufficient level. It has been observed that this irregular and ground movement that has been going on for approximately 1,5 years restricted the problem from solving with additional measures and that the tram has great risks for operational safety.


As a result of detailed and comprehensive technical evaluations, ground motion is predicted to increase with time. For this reason, it was found that the most appropriate solution would be to reconstruct the 1 km basic part of the line that does not sit on the pile system by breaking it. Sensitivity was shown to be the solution method planned to be implemented as a method that will not reveal the problems experienced in the past.

In this context, tram superstructure rail removal and reinforced concrete crushing works have started between Balat-Ayvansaray, which was completed in 2018 on the field. Then, under-rail foundation piles will be started.

Despite this additional work, which will have to be done outside of the work program, IMM will use additional teams and equipment to make the line available to Istanbul residents at the end of this year, as planned.

eminonu alibeykoy tram map
eminonu alibeykoy tram map

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