Air Conditioning System Will Be Shut Down In EGO Buses, Metro and ANKARAY

ego buses, air conditioning system will be closed in metro and Ankara
ego buses, air conditioning system will be closed in metro and Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş frequently warns citizens through social media accounts within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic. Drawing attention to the increase in the number of passengers over the age of 65 who use public transportation recently, Mayor Yavaş called for “Stay at home until these difficult days pass”. Addressing both young and old citizens, Mayor Yavaş said, "Protecting the society starts with protecting ourselves." The EGO General Directorate warned citizens using public transport to protect their social distances, while the cable car line was temporarily closed.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas called Ankara residents to "Stay at Home" to take precautions against epidemics and the coronavirus (Covid-19) threat and to prevent the virus from spreading.

Addressing all citizens through their social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş stated that they have observed an increase in the number of citizens over the age of 65 who have been using public transportation recently. Please stay home until these difficult days pass, warn your elders. Protecting the society starts with protecting ourselves. ”


Using social media effectively to raise awareness and awareness of citizens against the coronavirus in the capital, President Yavas pointed out that between 16 and 20 March, an average of 65 thousand 55 citizens aged 739 and over use public transportation.

Repeating the warnings of citizens in the risk group not to be adversely affected by the virus, Mayor Yavaş asked support from young people to warn their elders against the epidemic. Mayor Yavaş also said, “Come on, we are taking care of our elders” and said the following messages:

“Free transportation for our dear young people, citizens 65 years of age and over in public transport is determined by the Regulation on Free or Discounted Travel Cards prepared by the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services, which is authorized according to Article 4736 of the Law No. 1. If you love your elders, we ensure that they spend this process at home, in order to keep the health of you and your family safe, especially their health, within the scope of coronavirus measures. "

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, which has implemented new measures, issued a circular for more than 4 thousand workers, officers and company personnel working in the Metropolitan Municipality, except for administrative leave, to shift to work on Monday, March 23.


Emphasizing that he will continue to take measures prioritizing public health, Mayor Yavaş stated that the cable car line serving in Yenimahalle district will not serve against the risk of coronavirus.

Mayor Yavaş announced in his social media accounts, “We temporarily shut down our cable car line due to the decrease in the number of passengers per day and the fact that the cabins are not suitable to maintain social distance. In order for the transportation to be disrupted, our 2 even bellows buses have started to serve ”.

EGO General Directorate also added a new one to its warnings about citizens using public transportation vehicles and called for the protection of social distance. Metropolitan Municipality; It also announced that the air conditioning system will be shut down in all service buildings, especially EGO Buses, Metro and ANKARAY.

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