Disinfection Study Against Corona Virus in Provincial in Ordu

Disinfection Study Against Corona Virus
Disinfection Study Against Corona Virus

Vector anti-vector teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department carry out disinfection work throughout the province, taking into account the unease against Corona virus.

In this context, teams that prioritize common areas of use; institutions apply disinfection in institutions, schools, public transportation vehicles, mosques, Ordu-Giresun Airport, Ordu University, under and overpasses, bus terminals, cultural centers and public areas.

On the other hand, studies conducted by the Army Metropolitan Municipality has shown an example to Turkey. Turkey Coronavirus from social media accounts, "Army Metropolitan Municipality for the whole city to take precautions against coronavirus began its disinfection work. Tag the municipalities you want to start the disinfection study on with this tweet.


Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler pointed out that the Corona virus problem is global and the struggle is national with the sharing he made on his social media account. Mayor Güler also stated that the citizens stated that they should not panic but pay attention to the hygiene rules, “We will take more precautions without panicking. We will pay more attention to hygiene. Our work and measures will continue increasingly. ”

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