Roads Will Be More Comfortable in Darıca and Dilovası Districts

and the roads will be more comfortable in the dilovasi counties
and the roads will be more comfortable in the dilovasi counties

📩 12/03/2020 11:31

Providing the roads to be more modern and comfortable in all districts of Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues these works without slowing down in 2020. The tender for the maintenance, repair and renewal of the roads in the districts of Darıca and Dilovası, Metropolitan Municipality. It is aimed to make roads more comfortable with road maintenance, repair and renewal works that will continue throughout the year.


Within the scope of 2020 road maintenance, repair and renovation works, 28 thousand tons of asphalt, 6 thousand tons of asphalt patches, 12 square meters of parquet, 500 thousand 13 meters of borders, 750 square meters of granite pavement and 9 meters of granite curbs will be done in both districts. . 500 companies submitted bids for the tender held in the main service building of Izmit district of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Doğan İnşaat made the highest bid with 2 million 800 thousand TL, while Meter Energy Construction made the lowest bid with 13 million 19 thousand TL.



Meter Energy Construction. 16 million 416 thousand TL
Kozlu Cons. 16 million 453 thousand TL
Emay Architect. Const. 16 million 583 thousand TL
İlpet Petrol İnş. 16 million 755 thousand TL
Semih Atik - Semak İnş. 16 million 781 thousand TL
Gürtur İnş. 16 million 994 thousand TL
Concentrated Ins. 17 million 023 thousand TL
Kar Asfalt Ins. 17 million 195 thousand TL
Icon Mat 17 million 236 thousand TL
Seven Ins. 17 million 854 thousand TL
Egecan Cons. 17 million 992 thousand TL
More professionals named Mehmet Avşarlıgil 18 million 374 thousand TL
Doğan İnş. 19 million 700 thousand TL

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