Coronavirus Measures Continue at Full Speed ​​in Samsun

coronavirus precautions continue at full speed
coronavirus precautions continue at full speed

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir emphasized that some of the municipal facilities were temporarily closed within the scope of the coronavirus measures, which have become a global epidemic, 'The tighter the measures we take, the weaker the threat'.

Turkey and across the world that are effective against the coronavirus outbreak began to be seen in the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues sterilization and disinfection work regularly. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which took precautions from the first moment against the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in China and spread worldwide, temporarily closed some of the public facilities.


Disinfection and sterilization work is carried out in many points from rail systems to buses, service units to common areas, mosques, schools, garbage containers and social facilities. Disinfectant devices were installed at the entrance and floors of the Metropolitan Municipality service building, as well as all the municipal facilities, as well as the rail system stops.


Emphasizing that they have taken precautions from the first moment as a Municipality against the coronavirus epidemic, President Mustafa Demir said, “As a country, we have been fighting effectively and successfully against the coronavirus, which has become a“ global epidemic ”. Despite the precautions taken, we have a great duty as a citizen. The next 4-5 weeks is extremely important. During this period, we should strictly apply the rules of virus protection. We will get through this process together. '


In line with the additional circular of the Coronary Virus Measures sent by the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships, the Metropolitan Municipality stopped the operation of some of its facilities. Discontinued facilities are as follows;

Ömer Halis Demir Multi-Purpose Hall, Dogupark Cafe, Cute Cafe, Amazon Cafe, Culture Cafe, Tobacco Cafe, Yörükler Delta Cafe, Palmiye Cafe, Equestrian Sports Facilities, Go Kart and Battery Powered Vehicle Facility, City Museum, Panoroma 1919 Museum, Sheikh Sadi Tekke Kuva-i Milliye Spirit Complex and Martyr and Veteran Memorial House, Kurupelit Wedding Hall, Bandırma Ship Museum and Sales Department

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