Coronavirus Measures Circular Sent from the Ministry to 81 Provincial Governorships

Coronary Virus Measures Circular was sent from the Ministry to the Provincial Governorship
Coronary Virus Measures Circular was sent from the Ministry to the Provincial Governorship

Following the coronavirus meeting held in the Presidential Complex under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the participation of ministers and related institutions, the 11-item circular containing the "coronavirus measures" was prepared by the Minister of Environment and Urbanization.

In the circular, which stated that effective and protective measures were taken with all institutions of the country against coronavirus, it was emphasized that some measures should be taken and resolutely implemented by local administrations as well as personal measures in the fight against disease.

According to the circular of 81 provincial governorships, all public transportation vehicles, stops and stations of local governments will be cleaned and disinfected periodically, as determined by the Ministry of Health Science Board.

The areas where the public is located (street, street, square, boulevard, market place) will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals as determined by the Scientific Committee.

Disinfectants will be placed in places where the human circulation is intense and buildings (service buildings, metro and bus stations) and public transportation vehicles that are easily accessible to the public.

In public places of rest and recreation, the controls against the spread of the disease will be tightened and additional measures will be taken if necessary.

Surface cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of service buildings and outbuildings will be provided as determined by the Scientific Committee. Demands from other public institutions and organizations, places of worship and schools will be met.

LOCAL GOVERNMENTS WILL NOT BE SENT ABROAD unless they are urgent and compulsory.

Garbage will be collected more frequently and regularly, and garbage collection vehicle and personnel capacity will be kept sufficient. Necessary measures will be taken in garbage storage and disposal facilities.

Citizens will be raised in the fight against illness with billboards, posters, posters, mobile applications, digital media, social media.

Local government personnel will not be sent abroad unless it is urgent and mandatory. The personnel returning from abroad will be monitored within the framework of the criteria determined by the Scientific Committee and will be kept away from the public areas.

If needed, vehicle, equipment and equipment requests will be reported to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The instructions to be conveyed by the governorships within the scope of the struggle will be fulfilled quickly and meticulously.

In the circular, the following statements were also used: “The measures to be determined by the Ministry of Health should be followed by local governments, constant communication and coordination with the provincial and district health directorates, and assistance from these institutions should be requested when necessary. The precautionary measures taken by our state and the precautions that will be taken from now on are followed carefully by our local administrations and are of great importance in terms of preventing the spread of the disease. I kindly request that the above-mentioned measures are implemented as soon as possible to protect the health of our people and ensure public well-being, not to cause any problems and to announce the issue to all local governments (including their associations and affiliates) within your province. ”

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