Meltem Katlı Intersection Comes Into Service

breeze floor junction
breeze floor junction

Meltem Katlı Junction, which was built by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, was put into service. Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek took the first drive behind the wheel of the office at the crossroads.

While the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its 3rd Stage Rail System Project at full speed, the construction of Meltem Katli Junction on Dumlupınar Boulevard, one of the most important stages of the project, has been completed. The 662 meter long three-lane multi-storey intersection entered service one month earlier than planned. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek made the final checks at the floor intersection before it was opened to traffic. President Böcek, who was behind the wheel of the authority car, made the first ride at the floor intersection.


Stating that Meltem Katlı Junction will provide relief in Antalya traffic, Mayor Muhittin Böcek said, “3. In the Stage Rail System Project, the transition between the University and Meltem would be done as an underpass. The project would take about 1 year due to underground excavations. When we took office, we planned the underpass as an overpass. We both saved time and saved 9 million liras. We have also gained 2 alternative ways at the bottom. In my review here in January, I said that the bridge would be opened by the end of April. We launched it in March, even before our promise. I would like to thank the contractor and my colleagues for growing them before the day. I wish our path to be good for everyone. ”


Reminding that the 3rd Stage Rail System Project is 24 kilometers in total, President Böcek said, “We have spent 8 million liras for the project since the day we received our mazba on 182 April. As of tomorrow morning, we are starting to work in the department of Education Research Hospital in Meltem Mahallesi. We will continue quickly. ”

Günceleme: 16/03/2020 15:25

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