Başakşehir City Hospital Transportation Roads Stopped by İBB Ex-Administration

basaksehir city hospital transportation roads were stopped by ibb old government
basaksehir city hospital transportation roads were stopped by ibb old government

Metro works in 2017 and road construction in 2018 were stopped for transportation to Başakşehir City Hospital. In the meeting held in Istanbul Governorship on 25 December 2019, it was stated that Başakşehir Hospital peripheral roads were the first priority. and although the required budget was requested, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure did not make any attempt.

Wrong information is given to the public that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has stopped subway and highway construction to Başakşehir City Hospital. It is desired to stop the works on transportation ways and create the impression that it was done in the new period.

Başakşehir City Hospital is built by the Ministry of Health with the “Build Operate Transfer” model and the project of the roads around the hospital was prepared by the Ministry of Health in the same scope. İBB started the aforementioned road constructions in 2015 within the scope of the "bag road constructions tender", in which it was released in Istanbul without specifying any projects. 580 million TL has been spent on the highways around the hospital so far.


Road construction was stopped by IMM in July 2018. The contractor firm under construction started the construction of this tunnel by being directed to the Dolmabahçe - Ortaköy Highway Tunnel construction as a continuation of the same bag tender. After that, since July 2018, no manufacture has been made for Başakşehir City Hospital highways. With the changes made in the hospital project in the past, the road transport network, entrance gates and landscape projects were revised. These changes brought along the need for additional revisions in construction.


The construction of Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Metro Line, which is a very important transportation system for access to the hospital, started in March 2017, completely financed by equity without any loan agreement. In December of the same year, all works on the line were stopped with the article number 131 of the İBB President Mevlüt Uysal. In March 2018, the work was restarted with the “Presidential Consent”, but no funding was provided to the project. Since the contractor was not paid for, the construction of the metro was stopped again in October 2018 during the former IMM administration period.


It was stated at the meeting held at the Governorship of Istanbul on 25 December 2019 that ring roads are the top priority for Başakşehir City Hospital. At the meeting, IMM officials stated that it is not possible to complete the ring roads due to lack of resources. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya stated that IMM will try to activate the Ministry of Transport if the issue is conveyed to them in a letter. After this date, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure did not take any action regarding the construction of either the highway or the subway.

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