Minister Pekcan Announces Penalties for Companies with Exorbitant Price Increase

Minister Pekcan explained the fines given to companies with exorbitant price increases
Minister Pekcan explained the fines given to companies with exorbitant price increases

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan announced that an administrative fine of 198 million 10 thousand 90 TL was imposed on 60 companies that were found to have implemented an unfair price increase.

Minister Pekcan's statement is as follows: “As it is known, 19 provincial directorates to inspect our Ministry regarding the applications that come to our Ministry regarding the increase in disinfectant, cologne and some food products prices due to the protective mask, especially the protective mask due to the coronavirus affecting the whole world. given and inspections were started quickly.

Within the scope of this audit, January-February 2020 purchase prices, sales prices and current sales prices of the products subject to the audit were determined at the sales locations in all provinces.

Regarding the price controls of products such as “Surgical mask and 28.02.2020M mask types, disinfectant, surgical gloves, hand antiseptic, cologne and pasta, legumes and other food products” inspected by our Provincial Directorates as of 25.03.2020-3; The number of audited firms is 6.448 and the number of audited products is 13.280.
In this process, 31.817 applications were made to our Provincial Directorates through the Unfair Price Increase Complaint System Mobile Application and also 2.074 applications were made to our Ministry through CIMER.

Necessary information was provided to our citizens who made these applications and on-the-spot inspections were made on matters requiring supervision.

In addition, our Ministry, the General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance, has initiated ex officio investigations about the companies selling through the website.

He stated that by writing a distributed article to the platforms where these products are sold, the malicious sellers who try to turn the current process into an opportunity will be immediately removed from their platforms, otherwise they will be responsible for those who sell these products as well as those who operate them.

Both the ex officio examinations, the audit minutes from the Provincial Directorates of Commerce and the complaints made by our citizens themselves have been submitted to the Advertising Board operating within our Ministry.

In this process, the Ad Board meeting number 10.03.2020, which is planned to be held on 294, was held on 03.03.2020 by taking a week forward. In the said meeting, the practices of 13 companies / individuals regarding the mask prices offered on various websites were put on the agenda and made an unfair price increase. has applied an administrative fine of 9 TL to 943.029 firms determined.

On the other hand, due to the importance of the subject, the Ad Board was called for an extraordinary meeting by our Ministry for the second time in March, and the applications carried out by 25 commercial enterprises and websites, whose review was completed in the meeting held on 2020 March 268, were included in the agenda.

Examination and legal processes about 6.335 companies are ongoing.

As a result of the examination carried out by the Advertising Board, it has been determined that the practices of 189 companies are against the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, and a total of 9.147.031 TL of administrative sanctions was taken for these companies.

In this context, when looking at the details of the administrative sanction decision in question

  • A total of 76 TL, including 104.781 TL for each company, to 7.963.356 commercial businesses selling online.
  • A total of 113 TL of administrative sanctions were applied for 10.475 firms, which were determined to have exorbitant prices, of 1.183.675 TL for each firm.
  • Regarding administrative sanctions, 111 of the mask, 6 of the mask and disinfectant, 1 of the mask and cologne, 36 of the disinfectant, 26 of the cologne, 1 of the wet wipes and cologne, 2 of the wet wipes and 6 of the food products appears to be.

Thus, an administrative fine of 198 TL was imposed on 10.090.060 companies that were found to have applied an unfair price increase in two meetings held by the Advertising Board in March.

It is possible to increase the fine up to 10 times if the aforementioned contradictions continue.

In order to ensure the supply chain security of basic necessities and foodstuffs by our Ministry, the necessary auditing activities will continue without interruption before importers, producers, and sellers and necessary sanctions will be applied to those found contradictory. ” used expressions.


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