Elmalı Bus Terminal Rises Rapidly

apple bus terminal is rising fast
apple bus terminal is rising fast

The new bus station building built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in Elmalı on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters is rapidly rising. Works are continuing on the first floor of the bus station construction, whose basement and ground floors are completed.

The construction works of the new bus station, which was built in place of the old bus terminal, which has been serving since the 1970s but could not keep up with the conditions of the developing Elmalı and became inadequate, continues. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekIn the Elmalı Bus Terminal Project, where the works started in September 2019, with the instruction of . Saying that they will provide the best services to Elmalı, the President Muhittin Böcek“The new bus terminal will suit our Elmalı very well with its extremely modern look and many features. We will complete our new terminal building, which will meet an important need of our district, as soon as possible and put it into the service of our district.


The bus terminal, built on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, will have a closed area of ​​2700 square meters. The new terminal has 8 bus platforms, ticket sales offices, semi-open and closed waiting areas, masjid, shelter, PTT, restaurant, commercial shops, police, police and administrative offices, personnel rooms, technical rooms and open parking lot. The new terminal will serve the townspeople and tourism with these equipment. The terminal, which will produce its own electricity thanks to solar panels, also stands out with its environmentalist aspect.

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