Alternative Road Works to Relieve Malatya Traffic

alternative road works will ease the traffic of malatya
alternative road works will ease the traffic of malatya

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has completed the opening works in the 4.7 km long road project that will ease the traffic jam on the west side of the city and continues its infrastructure works before asphalt.

The 25-meter-wide road, which starts from the Malatya Train Station and connects to the Malatya-Sivas highway after the new State Hospital, the new Indoor Sports Hall, Sugar Factory, Air Lodgings, MAŞTİ, Police School, will soon be offered to Malatya.

The 2.5-kilometer part of the connection road, which was asphalted, was connected to the road by organizing Bostanbaşı intersection. Altınkayısı Bulvarı junction is connected under MAŞTİ. On the other hand, works are continuing on the air lodgings junction and Ergenekon Bridge. Metropolitan Municipality will make curtain wall works between the road and the train line.

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan frequently examines the ongoing works in his place. Making a statement about the road work, Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said that an alternative road was opened in the east-west direction for the first time after 1976, when the existing ring road was built.

Noting that the final stage of the connection road has been reached, Mayor Gürkan said, “We have completed the section of the road from the west side of Sivas highway to the intersection of Hava Lojmen. We opened the section from the intersection of the lodging to the back of the new State Hospital. We do infrastructure works before asphalt. Displacement of the electricity poles built for the train line will be made. Again, we will make the protection wall separating the road with the train line. We plan to make an intersection to the point where the alternative road intersects with Malatya - Sivas Road. We plan to connect our road to Ankara asphalt.

I would like to thank the State Railways Regional Directorate and our Sugar Factory for their dedication. This road, which we opened in the east-west direction, will ease the traffic of Malatya by 30-40 percent. We can say that the Northern Belt road and the Northern Ring road and the Solar Belt roads will generally relieve the traffic of Malatya. We continue to work on the North Belt road in this sense. We hope to finish the Northern Belt road and open it to traffic in 2021. If we increase the only alternative to 4 alternatives, we will solve the traffic problem. ”

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, after examining the road, passed the wheel and made a test drive on the road.

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