Coronavirus Prevention in Public Transport Vehicles in Afyonkarahisar

coronavirus prevention in afyonkarahisar datop transportation vehicles
coronavirus prevention in afyonkarahisar datop transportation vehicles

📩 12/03/2020 10:02

We increased the measures against the coronavirus in our public buses, where thousands of citizens travel every day. Due to the coronavirus threatening the world, disinfection procedures are carried out in the city public buses serving within the body of Afyonkarahisar Municipality. Municipal teams carry out disinfection by wearing special clothes and wearing masks within the scope of disinfection works carried out.

Within the scope of the studies and measures taken, it is aimed to keep the citizens away from viruses as much as possible. In this context, public buses were sprayed by the teams affiliated to the Veterinary Affairs Directorate. Spraying works will continue periodically.

Stating that they have taken precautions against coronavirus, Veterinary Affairs Manager İsmail Atlı said, “Recently, as in the whole world, coronavirus is on the agenda. We have also taken our measures to the highest level for the health and peace of our city. We increased the cleaning and disinfection processes in the areas used by our people and in our public transportation vehicles. In the coming days, bus stops, etc. in public buildings, bank ATMs. "We will continue to carry out disinfection on a regular basis."

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