Adana Public Transport Vehicles Disinfected Against Epidemic Diseases

Disinfection Study in Adana Metro and Bus Stations
Disinfection Study in Adana Metro and Bus Stations

Adana Metropolitan Municipality; carried out disinfection and sterilization studies against the risk of epidemics in the subway, bus, stops, hospitals and schools.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality worked on disinfection in public transportation vehicles, metro stations, city buses, ATMs and schools operating throughout the city. The teams affiliated to Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control, disinfection and disinfection; especially to prevent the spread of epidemics that increase in the winter months, at least to protect people from viruses as much as possible.

In addition to routine cleaning in public transport vehicles, thanks to the spraying, public transport vehicles were disinfected against all types of viruses and virally transmitted organisms.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality also carried out spraying work in schools. Thus, it is aimed to keep students away from viruses as much as possible. Teams working in hospitals where diseases are likely to spread have sprayed the front of the hospitals and gardens.

It was announced that the spraying study will continue periodically.

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