Will the Production of the National Electric Train Continue at TÜVASAŞ?

Will the production of the national electric train continue?
Will the production of the national electric train continue?

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey to the three railway companies combined in the comments related to the conversion into a single company Railways Union -Business Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman, "The allegations that will be managed from a single source 3 institutions. A stronger management will be put forward. ”

General Directorate of State Railways Administration of FDI depends on the factory, operating in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (The contractor) and Turkey Railway Machines Rail Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. (TÜDEMSAŞ) combined, Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Company (TÜRASAŞ) was established.


Demiryol-İş Union Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman made statements regarding the merger of the 3 railway companies included in the official newspaper's yesterday's publication. Yaman said, “When we woke up yesterday morning, we encountered such a decree. Due to the form of government no longer has the opportunity to come to the parliament in Turkey or in any other organs. You are looking at what is thought up, the official newspaper is published tomorrow morning. Merging has been said for 3 years. "They have said positive statements that three affiliates should be merged, that the business will be more beneficial in terms of more profitable operation, and that the unity of power will reveal," he said.


Stating that TÜVASAŞ-TÜLOMSAŞ-TÜDEMSAŞ was merged under the name of TÜRASAŞ in the Presidential Decree published in the official newspaper and said that these transactions will be completed within 3 months, Yaman said, “56 national electric trains are a job for a time unit of about 5 years in TÜVASAŞ. There is no cancellation of this. It was given here once. Maybe they say they will make it more positive. They say they will make more production and I hope it will be as they say. ”


Cemal Yaman finally said: “As far as we can see, 3 out of 2 general managers are canceled. Maybe he will not be able to take office in the current 3 general managers. Maybe someone will be the general manager of the established company. There are 3 deputy general managers in 3 affiliated institutions and this will fall to 5. In addition, the inspection board will drop from 3 to 1. The head of department will drop from 33 to 10. So the claim is that 3 institutions will be managed from a single source. A stronger management will be introduced. Production of the national electric train will continue in Sakarya. Currently, when looking at the collective bargaining agreement regarding employees, there is no danger at the moment. If it turns out to be good, we will support it, and if something bad happens, we will fight in return. May everything be good ”(Serkan Ok / Azim Çelik-Sakaryayenihab is)

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