Transportation Embargo from Istanbul Airport Management to IMM

IBBye Access Barrier That Can Access Istanbul Airport
IBBye Access Barrier That Can Access Istanbul Airport

Having made Istanbul Airport accessible by IETT and HAVAIST flights, IMM has been exposed to negative applications of airport management in recent days. It has been determined that the management, which reduces the number of Istanbulkart filling points and carries the filling points to the extreme, is preparing to move IETT stations to the end of the platforms. It seems that Istanbulites and tourists who reported their complaints to İBB Beyaz Masa were quite uncomfortable with the application.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), a public institution, has produced very serious investments and services to make Istanbul Airport, which has not yet reached the metro, accessible since its opening. İBB, which provides free transportation service with IETT for a long time when the new airport in Arnavutköy is opened, started the HAVAIST company to one of its affiliates, OTOBÜS AŞ, and started providing luxury transportation services at an affordable price.

However, with the arbitrary applications launched by Istanbul Airport management (İGA) in recent days, IETT and HAVAIST flights started to reflect as an obstacle to IMM, which offers the best quality access to the region at the most affordable price.

Applications where citizens complain very much and compel the tourists who come to Istanbul to pay by cash or credit card instead of Istanbul card:

  • Istanbulkart filling points at the airport have been reduced from 24 to 10 and their locations have been determined as the most extreme points to the left and right of the exit doors. (90m to the right, 90m to the left appears in the attached presentation)
  • As a result of the change, it was shown that vending machines that will meet the food and beverage needs of the citizens will be replaced by the existing filling machines. BELBİM AŞ, a subsidiary of İBB, was informed about this change request in the 2nd week of February, and on 15 February, 24 machines were forced to relocate by decreasing to 10.
  • As there are no directions for the use of Istanbulkart in HAVAISTs, it has become very difficult for citizens to fill and return from these machines and use the HAVAİST bus as the location of the Istanbulkart filling points are located.
  • This application, which positions Istanbulkart as a ticket to be used only in IETT buses at Istanbul Airport, causes the use of other transportation vehicles, including HAVAİST, to decrease. This stands out by disabling the public institution IMM, a strategy to highlight cash and credit card and payment methods.
  • It is also stated that IETT stations are planned to be lifted from their current central locations to the two extreme points of the platforms (close to the new locations of Istanbulkart filling machines).
  • As a matter of fact, it has been determined that the daily loadings made from Istanbulkart filling machines have decreased by around 15 percent in the last 50 days.
  • Citizens and visitors using Istanbul Airport; İBB Beyaz Masa made numerous complaints to İETT and OTOBÜS AŞ about how much power they reached to Istanbulkart filling points.

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