Scope of Cleaning Expands in Public Transport in Gaziantep

The scope of cleaning is expanding in gaziantep
The scope of cleaning is expanding in gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the scope of cleaning in public transport for public health. He added blue and yellow private public buses, taxi, taxi stands, worker services and student services to his routine disinfectant works in the trams and buses of the Metropolitan city.

While the Corona Virus (Covid-19), which affects the world globally, increases the number of people it passes every day, the measures are increased both nationally and internationally. Precautionary measures, both as a country and as a city, are being tightened for the Corona Virus, which is called 'Pandemic' by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is a global epidemic that has shown its effect globally. Accordingly, the Metropolitan Municipality also spends extensive work to strengthen the measures against the epidemic. Within the scope of spraying and disinfection studies, products that are licensed by the Ministry of Health and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) are used.

Continuing its routine disinfection of buildings and public transportation vehicles connected to it, Büyükşehir expanded its scope of work. Metropolitan Municipality teams started to clean and disinfect the 665 blue and yellow private public buses that provide public transportation, as well as the student services began in the scope of hygiene measures in the fight against the virus. Especially the door handles, handles and seats that the passengers are in contact with will be regularly disinfected. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality police teams will check whether the public transport drivers comply with the hygiene rules and evaluate the complaints from the passengers.

Deputy Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality who made a statement about the subject. Mehmet Berk underlined that the detailed cleaning and disinfectant of all transportation vehicles will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality, “We show great sensitivity in the disinfection of the interior and exterior door handles of our vehicles. Subsequently, we strive to provide a hygienic environment to the citizen through a number of studies within the vehicle. In these processes, all the details were considered up to the finest detail. However, it is not true that the disinfection works we show here will be sufficient only, this cleaning subject can present our people with a healthy environment to some extent with our works. For this reason, the citizens should pay attention to their hygiene and cleanliness and take their own precautions. It should contain the necessary materials for cologne and spray disinfection. There should be no hand contact in the vehicle if it sneezes while traveling. He should definitely have a handkerchief or swab. We will continue these spraying every other day. The Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will carry out its inspection in a controlled manner. Our commercial vehicle owners will carry out their internal and external cleaning according to the rules set by the Ministry of Health, and the Metropolitan Municipality will undertake the disinfection procedures. We will definitely pay attention to hand cleaning. In mutual contact, we will always maintain a distance of one meter. Because the infection is transmitted through droplets. If we maintain this distance, we will eliminate the possibility of infection spreading. ”

Unal Akdoğan, President of the Gaziantep Drivers and Automobile Chamber of Merchants, stated that all the stops have entered into a total cleaning mobilization and said: “As a team, we are trying to do whatever falls on us. We have also tried to do this cleaning regularly before. However, with the support of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we will greatly increase the hygiene cleaning in our vehicles. We would like to thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin and her team for their support in this direction. ”

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