Number of People Using Public Transportation in İzmir Decreased by 51,3 Percent

Number of people using public transportation in Izmir decreased by XNUMX%
Number of people using public transportation in Izmir decreased by XNUMX%

Unless obliged to do so in Izmir, the call to not go out has found its place. According to ESHOT General Directorate data, the number of people using public transportation decreased by 51,3 percent.

The warnings made within the scope of combating coronovirus threat are effective in İzmir. The number of people using public transportation has decreased by 51,3 percent as a result of calls made to avoid the streets unless it is necessary to reduce contact between people. On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, the number of people using all public transportation vehicles was 1 million 846 thousand 112, while this figure decreased to 17 thousand 2020 on Tuesday, March 899, 474.

Two fifth of the employees did not ride

According to the data of ESHOT General Directorate, which operates the public transportation electronic fee collection system in addition to bus transportation in İzmir, the decrease in student and teacher boardings reached 80 percent due to the closed schools. The number of boarding passes of free and discounted cardholders, especially citizens over 65, has been reduced by more than 60 percent. The number of full boarders mainly composed of private sector employees decreased by 38,6 percent.

Disinfection and cleaning continues

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch teams added their daytime work to their routine disinfection at night, at İZBAN and metro stations, bus transfer centers and tram stops. Bus transfer centers used by thousands of people every day are constantly disinfected. The teams formed within the ESHOT General Directorate provide the hygiene of the buses at the end of the trip. While all the drivers were working with the masks and gloves distributed to them, hand disinfectants were distributed to the movement officers at the bus transfer centers for the use of staff and citizens.

The Scientific Board had announced the measures

The Scientific Committee, which was established within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, announced the measures taken regarding public transportation vehicles to prevent the spread of the disease. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer “We are responsible for protecting each other's health as well as our own. For this reason, do not leave your homes unless you have to.”

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