Taxi and Minibuses are Disinfected in the Capital

Taxi and dolmus are disinfected in the capital
Taxi and dolmus are disinfected in the capital

The Metropolitan Municipality, which spends intense overtime by fighting against epidemic diseases and conducts regular disinfection works in public transportation vehicles, has started hygiene studies in 7 thousand 701 taxis serving in Başkent. While the measures prioritizing public health were put into effect one by one, the EGO General Directorate rearranged the service hours due to the holidays. While the Police Department teams inspected the cleaning and sterilization works at the hotels in Ankara, ASKİ General Directorate temporarily closed the collection and subscription branches at 2 locations. Metropolitan Municipality has also interrupted the condolence tent service for the citizens who died.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its hygiene activities throughout the city.

While the Metropolitan teams are mobilizing for the demands coming from public institutions and organizations to non-governmental organizations, a meticulous cleaning work is also carried out in public transportation vehicles used by citizens. After Metro, ANKARAY, Cable Car and Buses, disinfection works have started in taxis serving in Başkent.


While the disinfection and sterilization studies are increased in the capital city due to the epidemic affecting the world, the metropolitan cleaning teams whose permits have been removed work 7/24 to protect public health.

At the request of the Chamber of Automakers and Drivers Tradesmen in Ankara, action was taken to apply disinfection to 7 thousand 701 taxis serving in the Capital. Metropolitan Municipality teams; Kızılay Storage Area performs hygienic work at three points in the first place, as well as İskitler Zübeyde Hanım Mahallesi Mianka Boulevard Drivers Room Plate Workshop and Varlık Mahallesi Yayın Sokak Market Place.

Stating that they will regularly check the disinfection works initiated for taxis, the General Manager of the General Directorate of Police Officers, Veda Oğan, stated that Cevdet Kavlak, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Craftsmen and Drivers of Ankara, aimed to get the citizens to get on the taxis comfortably in the last days, said:

“The disinfection process started at 3 points for our taxis. After these procedures, we have 450 closed taxi stands and they will be sprayed in front of them. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, who assisted us in this matter and gave instructions for free spraying. ”

Stating that he has been a taxi driver for 15 years, Temel Karuk also pointed out the importance of the application for public health and said, “We thank our president and our municipality for the disinfection works that our municipality has done for taxis.” Şevket Pamukcu, Thank you to everyone who passed, ”he said.


Upon the intense demand, BELPLAS A.Ş teams under the supervision of the Directorate of the Police Department started the disinfection work at the Bentderesi and Gülbaba Dolmuş stations for 2 thousand 56 dolmus. Stating that care is taken to clean the seats, windows and handles for the internal structure of the vehicles, Seyfettin Aslan, the Head of Health Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, gave the following evaluations by giving the information that disinfection works will continue throughout the province:

“We try not to disrupt our routine cleaning program. We have also undertaken the cleaning and disinfection process of the minibuses used by the people of Ankara. We work at the same pace for the taxi driver. We continue to serve on a 7/24 basis. ”

Ankara Minibuscular Chamber of Craftsmen, General Secretary Erşan Ağören emphasized that public health is a priority and thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for his support.


3 citizens who hoped to Ankara and came from abroad moved to the dormitories in Gölbaşı by EGO buses.

While disinfection work was carried out by BELPLAS teams in the dormitories where the accommodation was made, 37 EGO buses, where the passengers were transported, were subjected to disinfection at international standards at the 3rd Regional Bus Operation Directorate. The internal and external cleaning of the buses, whose filters were renewed by sterilizing them to the ventilation system, was also performed.

Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, who examined the disinfection works on site, said, “We disinfected our busses carrying Umrah passengers and changed them to pollen filters. As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our fight against coronavirus at the highest level. People of Ankara can be sure that these buses are cleaned up to the finest detail. If our citizens comply with the measures announced by the Ministry of Health, the people of Ankara will have successfully fought this struggle. ”


Stating that the buses carrying the passengers coming from Umrah will be subjected to disinfection for the second time and will be taken into service on Tuesday, March 17, EGO General Directorate Bus Operations Head Mustafa Geyikçi said, “We have taken our precautions. All our buses are disinfected. People of Ankara can use our buses with peace of mind. ”

Stating that EGO General Directorate has made a new arrangement on public transportation vehicles (Metro, ANKARAY and Buses) due to the holiday of the schools by the Ministry of National Education, Geyikçi said that the "Semester Holiday Service Program" was started between 16-30 March.


ASKİ General Directorate decided to close 20 branches where water bill collection and subscription transactions were made within the scope of the measures taken to protect public health against epidemics.

According to the statement that it is noted that other branches across the capital will continue to serve and subscribers can make their payments through PTT, the internet and banks, the branches that cannot provide services temporarily are as follows:

“Mamak and Sewing House Subscription Operations, Dikmen, Ayvalı, Etlik, Gazino, Andaç, Erdem, Pleven, Fatih, Yenikent, Şentepe, Karşıyaka, Newborn, Hüseyingazi, Aydınlıkevler, Mutlu, Eryaman, Güzelkent, Polatlı and Şentepe Collection Places. ”


Disinfection works were accelerated after the warning letter sent by the Police Department to all the hotels in the capital, accommodation facilities and baths.

While the Ankara Police officers inspected the hotels, the measures for the health of citizens were increased in many hotels in the Capital. Examining the measures taken on site, the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department's teams tightened their controls.

Metropolitan Municipality has also temporarily suspended the condolence tent service it has implemented for the deceased citizens in order to prevent crowds from forming and to spread the virus.

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