Strelization Studies at Kapıköy Railway Border Gate

Stratification studies at the Kapikoy railway nerve gate
Stratification studies at the Kapikoy railway nerve gate

The freight trains that have undergone the sterilization process at the Kapıköy border gate are shipped after waiting 4 hours outside the station.

As of 23 February 2020, all trains' border entrances and exits have been closed as part of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

The wagons, which pass only with the permission given to the freight trains, are allowed to travel with a 4-hour wait after the strelization procedures prepared under the conditions required by the Ministry of Health.

After the control of freight wagons going to Iran, arriving and customs procedures are completed, the locomotive is transported to the Iran border area at the back or to the Turkish border area at the opposite side. Meanwhile, the locomotive and personnel do not cross the border.

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