Public Transport Vehicles and Hygiene Work at Stations in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa public transport vehicles and hygiene at the stops
Sanliurfa public transport vehicles and hygiene at the stops

📩 01/03/2020 14:36

Turkey has one of the longest road network in Şanlıurfa Municipality, as well as inter-city terminal requirements in public transport vehicles as well as collection centers and continues to work hygiene in the stall.
Providing an average of 180 thousand citizens per day in the city, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its practices by considering the hygienic conditions as well as comfortable and respectful to public transportation. Providing service on a 330-hour basis on most routes with 24 vehicles within its structure, Metropolitan Municipality has recently increased its hygiene activities by prioritizing the sensitivity of the citizens.


Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on hygiene and disinfection in its vehicles, which are kept in the workshops outside the expedition hours, in order to prevent possible infections from affecting the citizens. In addition, the teams carry out works with the same precision in 3 collection centers and stops in the city center. The citizens who thanked President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül and the Metropolitan teams for their approach, said, “In such a process, the work of our Metropolitan teams is very meticulous and coordinated. We would like to thank those who contributed to their efforts for human health. ”


Studies throughout the city continue at the intercity bus terminal. Metropolitan personnel experienced in hygiene practice disinfect all parts of the terminal in accordance with scientific data with technological equipment. In addition to passenger waiting areas, dining halls and cafeterias, all areas such as platforms and personal cleaning areas are subject to meticulous hygiene and disinfection. Citizens using the terminal also thanked Mayor Beyazgül and Metropolitan employees for their approach.

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