Psychological Support to IETT Staff Against Corona Stress

Psychological Support to IETT Staff Against Corona Stress
psychological support for iett staff against corona stress

IETT provides its employees with the skills to manage complex emotions such as anxiety, anxiety, sadness, anger caused by the coronavirus and to cope with stress. kazancreated a training program.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is more than 80 percent reduction in the number of public transportation passengers in Istanbul. Many Istanbulites are closed to their homes. Our citizens, who have to go to work, reach their places by public transport. IETT personnel are at the beginning of their duties in order to prevent interruption of the functioning of daily life. However, concerns about the virus affect IETT drivers, as well as all our citizens, and other staff who undertake support, maintenance and administrative duties.

IETT General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Center has created a distance education program to teach employees how to cope with the stress caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

“Let's not forget that one of the most important factors affecting the immune system is stress. Stress that we cannot manage will make us more susceptible to diseases. In order to manage the stress and anxiety experienced in this process, we, as IETT Mental Health Center, are starting training and individual psychological support activities that you can participate online ”.

Under the heading of “Stress Management in Coronary Virus Outbreak”, employees will be able to attend the trainings to be held by teleconferencing from their homes or places they work. The training, which is planned to take 1,5 hours, will be held on Friday, March 27th. Trainings will be repeated in the following days if needed. In addition, psychologists affiliated with the IETT Mental Health Center will continue to provide individual psychological support to employees and their families upon request.

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