Mayor Zorluoğlu Announces Trabzon's New Minibus System

President Zoroglu explained the new system of Trabzon
President Zoroglu explained the new system of Trabzon

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu announced the decision regarding the modernization of the minibus, which is on the agenda of Trabzon, at a press conference. Stating that they have turned 729 10 + 1 dolmies into 12 new dolls with a capacity of 1 + 689 seats, President Zorluoğlu said that Trabzon has achieved a traceable and controllable dolmus system. President Zorluoğlu also stressed that the modernized modernization process will end on September 1, 2020.

Journalists also showed great interest in the press conference, where the decision on the modernization of Dolmuş was announced. President Zorluoğlu informed the journalists and the public about the modernized modernization by listing them individually. Stating that they had a comprehensive and open to consultation process about dolmish modernization, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “It has been a long process. From time to time, some difficult stages were passed. We had an intense consultation process with the heads of stalls, the right owners, the union of shopkeepers, our university and our people, especially the Drivers and Automobile Chamber. There is no one left to say anything about this subject. The main issue we took into consideration while managing this process was to meet the expectations of the public. ”


Mayor Zorluoğlu stated that most of the citizens over 15 years of age want to renew their dolmies and said, “They wanted a comfortable, air-conditioned, safe, accessible dolly accessible system for the disabled. We carried out a modernization accordingly and made our decision. As it is known, in 2002, there were 1477 taxis filled in Trabzon. These turned into 2002 729 + 10 minibuses in 1 with the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission. After 18 years, we turn 10 + 1 dolmens into 12 new dolmuses with a capacity of 1 + 689 seats. Here, we converted 40 dolmies to 80 taxis in the past weeks. 12 minibuses with a 1 + 689 seat capacity will serve in Trabzon ”.


Emphasizing that they do not point to any brand in the dolmus transformation, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We set the standards for new vehicles and do not point to any brand. We release our minibus trades in this regard. They can buy and use the brand vehicle they desire, provided that they meet our standards. I would especially like to mention this. We want vehicles to be between the ages of 0-3 in line with the expectations of citizens. In fact, we want all of them to be zero vehicles. Therefore, in order to encourage this, we set the age limit as 15 years from the date of registration for zero vehicles and 12 years for non-zero ones. ”


Providing information about the features of the vehicles, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “One feature of the vehicles is that they are suitable for accessibility without barriers. In accordance with the legislation, a mechanism suitable for the disabled has become compulsory since July. The thing that people complained most in the summer was that there was no air conditioning in the vehicles due to the high humidity. All vehicles will be air conditioned. In-car camera system will be mandatory in all minibuses. As soon as the vehicle, like municipal buses, works, the camera will work and be able to record for a long time. This will be more advantageous at the point of examining the complaints. Again, we will have the opportunity to follow this system in the transportation operation center to be established by our Metropolitan Municipality. Vehicle tracking system will also be available on all minibuses. Metropolitan Municipality will be able to track where the vehicles are. In the coming period, citizens will be able to watch whether they are full or not. This is an important opportunity. ”


Stating that they have also made new arrangements on routes, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “In this system, we also create several routes that are needed. We extend the airport line to Kaşüstü Kanuni Hospital. The citizen had intense demands here. We are also extending the Boztepe line to Moloz. Boztepe can be reached directly from the rubble. We would like to reduce the filled density of the square area. Over time, the minibuses will be able to pick up passengers by making rings. Again, Yenicuma line will extend to Moloz. We want to make the rubble a central place for some more minibuses. We will transfer forty minibuses from the number of passengers we call the lower stop to the stops with more passengers. ”


Expressing that they have not yet made a decision about color, President Zorluoğlu said, “We will determine four or five models. We will also ask our citizens. We will make our decision at the end of that period. The most important element of the new system is Trabzon, which can be monitored and controlled. Just like the metropolitan municipality's city buses, we take the minibuses under our supervision. The vehicles are given a certificate of conformity every year. We will not issue a certificate of conformity to any vehicle that does not comply with the standards we set as of January 2021. We will not traffic any vehicles that do not meet the conditions. When you enter the vehicles, there are different decorations, lights, different designs. We will not allow accessories that are not required for service in vehicles. ”


Emphasizing that they are working to determine vehicle standards, driver standards, working procedures and principles, inspections and sanctions, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We will pass our regulation through the Metropolitan Municipality Council in April. There will be many provisions in our regulation. We continue to negotiate with our Association of Drivers on this matter. There will be a certification system. Those who carry the standards, get approval from the Metropolitan Municipality, and who have undergone a certain education will be drivers in the minibuses. The drivers who do not get the document we have given will not be able to work in minibuses. Psychotechnical report will be taken. A criminal record will be a medical report. We will never allow people who have been convicted of certain crimes to be chauffeured in minibuses. All our efforts are for increasing the level of satisfaction of our people. ”


Expressing that the modernization of Dolmuş is a subject that has been talked about for many years but has not been realized, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We have been working very seriously since we took office in this regard and we decided on this issue today. This week we will decide this with the UKOME decision. Of course, not only its modernized modernization will not solve the transportation problem, but it is one of the elements. We are also modernizing our city buses. Now 9 of them have arrived. 11 more will come at the beginning of March. We bought 20 new comfortable high-end buses. We're getting 10 more buses this year. Metropolitan municipality drivers will also go through our training program. ”


Emphasizing that the new system will be completed in 6 months, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Transitions related to lines will be early. In general, the renewal of all minibuses will be completed as of September 6 within 1 months. To clarify another issue that is most curious, there will be no card system for minibuses. ”


Expressing that they did not work alone in this process, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “I would like to thank the Chauffeurs and Automobiles Chamber, the President Hakan Usta and his management. Our Mayor of Ortahisar, Ahmet Metin Genç, attended all our meetings, gave his opinions and made a lot of contributions in the consultation process. We thank him. I would like to thank our General Secretary Ahmet Adanur, who managed the process for me on behalf of me, to my brother and his team, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Atilla Ataman, TRABİTAŞ Chairman Adnan Gül for their contributions to our station heads and our press ”.

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