Users Over 65 Years of Istanbulkart Attention!

visa period in the istanbul cards
visa period in the istanbul cards

The 65-year validity period of 5 Years Old Cards expires on 31 March 2020. Users will be able to process the visa process of Istanbulkartları free of charge from ticket filling dealers and ticket machines.

The expiration date of Cards Over 65 is 31 March 2020. Cards that do not have a visa process will lose their feature of being free after this date and will switch to full rate tariff. Owners of Istanbulkart Above 65 can make free transactions from all ticket shops and İstanbulkart refill dealers to extend the period of use.

Visa processing is done automatically in a short period of time, such as 10 seconds after the card is left in the card slot. It is also possible to perform the same operation by going to Istanbulkart filling dealers. There are 1227 ticket shops and 1436 refill dealers across Istanbul.

There is no limited time for users to visa Istanbul cards. However, Istanbul residents who want to benefit from the free pass without interruption, need to apply for a visa until 31 March.

Related Legislation:

İstanbulkart Regulation Third Section Article 6- (1)

Visa Process is the process of extending the period of card usage periodically by verifying the ownership of the card holders. It is determined by BELBİM which visa procedures will be done.

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