Number of Buses and Trams Will Reduce on March 23 in Eskişehir

In Eskisehir, the number of buses and trams will be reduced in March.
In Eskisehir, the number of buses and trams will be reduced in March.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to take new measures against the Covid-19 outbreak. With the warnings made in this context, the number of tram and bus services is reduced due to the decrease in the number of passengers by 70% in public transportation vehicles. Announcing that the new application will be implemented on March 23, President Büyükerşen warned that citizens over 65, especially in the risk group, still continue to use public transportation vehicles, so that they do not go out on the streets in this age group.

As part of the Corona Virus Action Plan, which was launched by the Metropolitan Municipality at the beginning of March, disinfection activities continue in public transportation vehicles and stops, while new arrangements are made during the departure hours. Stating that the number of passengers has decreased by 70% compared to last week thanks to sensitive Eskişehir residents who take the announcements of the holidays and warnings made seriously, Mayor Büyükerşen said: “The virus epidemic is spreading rapidly in our country every day. We work in harmony with all institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, and fulfill our responsibilities with precision. During this period, the number of passengers in our trams and buses decreased by 70%, as the schools were holidays and our sensitive citizens started to isolate themselves in their homes. I would like to thank all my fellow citizens who are sensitive to the 'Stay At Home' campaign and spend this process at home. However, in this process, nearly 20% of our total number of passengers are over 65 years old citizens who are still in the large risk group. I especially ask our citizens in this risk group. Please do not risk yourself and public health by going out! ” said. Stating that the number of trips will decrease in buses and trams as of March 23, due to the decrease in the number of passengers, Mayor Büyükerşen said, “We are reducing the number of preventive flights in our trams and buses so as to continue to protect the health of our people. In this process, I expect understanding and common sense from our people. Please only fulfill your personal responsibilities by respecting the science and the statements of the authorities. ”

As of March 22, the municipality's website for updated hour information (www.eskisehir.bel.t is) stated that the citizens can call 0222 217 44 13 for buses and 0222 237 63 64 for trams.

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