İzmir Metropolitan Increases the Number of Female Drivers

Izmir big city increases the number of women
Izmir big city increases the number of women

Eight female vehicle drivers, serving the municipal employees, attended 28 female bus drivers working in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

The number of female drivers in the Vehicle Shipment Department, which serves the employees of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has reached eight. The number of female drivers using ESHOT buses reached 28, while the number of female drivers working on the subway and tram reached 18. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stated that it will continue to recruit women drivers.

Women drivers who work at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vehicle Dispatch Office say that they are satisfied with their work. Hülya Demir, who is a driver, explains her experience by saying that she loves driving and that she is a childhood dream.

“My father profession”

Driver Sibel Koçan emphasizes that driving is her father's profession. Stating that he is happy to show that women do this job, Koçan said, “We are the President of our President. Tunç Soyer's project. We have contributed to this project by starting the task," he said.

"The woman of the work is not a man"

Özgür Hünder, one of the female drivers working in the Metropolitan, said, “I am a person who believes that women should be in every field of society. "I believe we are doing a good example to the society by doing this job."

Driver Pınar Özsoy said that they are pioneers in destroying the perception of “women cannot do everything” in the society, “Driving requires a careful approach. I think that everybody will use a beautiful vehicle after being careful whether they are men or women. ”

Application to society

The employees of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are also satisfied with the application. Municipal staff Feyza Girgin emphasized that there is no work that women cannot do. Girgin, from whom we received their opinions about female drivers, said, “Thanks to them, we travel very well, pleasantly and happily. I think that this practice will be an example to the society and that the families of girls will direct their girls to these areas as they see women drivers. ”

Municipal staff Şekip gündüzcü the application saying that there should be an example to Turkey, "I believe that women should be in every area of ​​society. "It also made me proud to have this practice in the city where I live and even in the institution where I work."

Günceleme: 06/03/2020 12:15

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