Innovative Ideas will be Produced for Izmir Urban Rail Transport System

Innovative ideas will be produced for the Izmir rail transportation system
Innovative ideas will be produced for the Izmir rail transportation system

Izmir Transportation Hackathon, supported by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will be held at the Havagazı Factory on March 6-7. The aim is to support the city's entrepreneurship eco system and promote economic growth while generating innovative ideas for the rail transport system in the city.

While developing innovative ideas for the smart transportation system, Izmir will organize the Izmir Transport Hackathon on March 6-7 to support the city's entrepreneurship eco system and encourage economic growth. The event supported by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be held within the scope of the activities of the Izmir Innovation Center, financed by the European Union (EU). The Ministry of Industry and Technology, Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will host the event at the Havagazı Plant. İzmir Metro A.Ş. will provide data support for the event.

Software developers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs aiming to produce solutions that will guide transportation in İzmir will be able to join the marathon with teams of 4-6 people. The marathon will be open to students studying in these fields. The competition part of the event will last 24 hours.

Innovative solutions will be produced

The teams that will compete with the support of mentors (mentors) are asked to produce ideas and solutions that will emphasize sustainability, social benefits and accessibility. When the five-car vehicles from the teams approach the stops, how to inform passengers on which car parks how much space is available, with the least cost, how to save energy in brakes with a mechanic control, how to evacuate people quickly and effectively in a possible fire, how to sustainability and accessibility in Izmir rail transportation systems. solutions are expected in terms of how it can be provided and how innovative solutions can be brought to the rail system based on İzmir Metro's data.

At the end of the marathon, all teams will present their ideas and projects. The first three teams will be determined by the evaluation of the jury consisting of expert names. The first team will receive 15 thousand TL, the second team 10 thousand TL and the third team 5 thousand TL. Mert Fırat and Toprak Sergen will present the award ceremony.

What is Hackathon?

Software marathons are called “hackathon”. These marathons are organized for producers and creative people who are interested in innovation, technology and design to come together and find solutions to very important problems in a very short time.

Intellectual property rights of projects

The participants undertake that the ideas and projects designed in the marathon are original, that the team created the projects only with the creativity of their own individuals, that the project has not been sold to third parties before and will not violate any intellectual property rights.

Kazanpre-emption right of ideas İzmir Metro A.Ş. and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. If the participants use the content under open source licenses or similar as part of their projects, it is their responsibility to comply with these usage and licenses. Each participant agrees to be solely responsible for any falsehood and/or breach of the foregoing warranties.

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