Public Transport Vehicles, Underpasses and Bazaars Are Disinfected in Bursa

In Bursa, public transport vehicles, underpasses and buses are disinfected.
In Bursa, public transport vehicles, underpasses and buses are disinfected.

The first corona acting after the announcement of virus incidents Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, BursaRay cars, public transport, mosque after the T1 and T2 tram line, shrines, museums, uninterrupted maintaining as disinfecting work in underpasses and bazaars that uses people as intense.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has increased the measures taken against corona virus disease, which shows its effect in China and Italy and which grows like mushrooms in different countries of the world. Minister of Health Fahrettin husband Turkey in the corona that starts with virus incidents study disinfected in Bursa with that description appear Metropolitan Municipality, BursaRay cars, buses, T1 and made outbreaks of work spraying against disease in the T2 tram line. The measures taken by the municipal teams against the corona virus continue without slowing down. The sultan complexes, historical selatin mosques, tombs, and museum areas affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, which are frequented by local and foreign tourists, were subjected to spraying activities as in public transportation vehicles. The measures taken against the corona virus 'including the Historical Bazaar and the Hanlar Area' in the city center continue with the same intensity in Iznik and Inegol and other districts. In 17 districts, dozens of mosques, tombs, places of worship and museum were disinfected.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they have increased the measures against corona virus. Stating that they keep the pesticide activities alive especially in public areas, Mayor Aktaş said, “Besides, we are carrying out programmed disinfection against infectious diseases in the mosques, social facilities and public institutions. May our people keep their sensitivity on the subject. They should also be sure that we have taken the necessary measures. ”

Night work against the virus

Disinfection studies are mainly carried out at night. Sultan's complexes and selatin mosques, which are visited extensively by the citizens throughout the day, host special disinfected teams at night. Within the scope of the studies, Emirsultan, Osmangazi, Orhangazi, Hz. Üftade and Green Tombs and Muradiye Complex, Ulucami, Yeşil Mosque, Üçkuzular Mosque, Uzun Çarşı, Kuyumcular Bazaar, Salt market, Reyhan, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Kozahan, Fidanhan, Sümerbank Underpass, Sculpture bus stops, Merinos AKKM, museums, Gazi Orhanbey Mosque , Ulu Mosque, Green Tomb and Green Mosque, closed lower bazaars were disinfected. .

In İnegöl district, Sani Konukoğlu Mosque, Lazlar (Hacı Hafız) Mosque, İshakpaşa Mosque and Mausoleum, Kasım Efendi Mosque and Mausoleum, Altınbaş Mosque, Yıldırım Mosque, Urgancılar Mosque, Suyolu Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Green Mosque, Laundry (Osmaniye) Mosque and Iznik district Disinfection was also carried out at the Yenişehir Airport with the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Eşrefzade Mosque, Green Mosque, Şeyhkubbettin Mosque, Çukur Mosque, the 1st Murat Bath (Çini Museum), Şeyhkubbettin Tomb and Iznik Municipality Cultural Building.

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