Hand Disinfectants are Placed at Rail System Stations in Ankara

Hand sanitizers are placed in rail system stations in Ankara
Hand sanitizers are placed in rail system stations in Ankara

Within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, hand disinfectant vending machines started to be placed in Metro, ANKARAY and Cable Car Stations. The disinfectants with sensors will be placed at 100 points with the application launched in the Rail Systems, which are used extensively by the citizens with the instruction of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its effective fight against coronavirus (COVİD-19).

Prioritizing public health, the Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to the measures and measures taken across the Capital City against the danger of epidemics and viruses. With the instruction of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, sensor hand disinfectant vending machines started to be placed in Metro, ANKARAY and Cable Car Stations.


The sensor hand disinfectant vending machines, which started to be installed in the common station of ANKARAY and Metro in Kızılay, will soon be placed at 43 points in a total of 11 Metro, 4 ANKARARAY and 100 Cable Car Stations in the Capital.

Underlining that hand disinfectant vending machines will be checked periodically, he gave the following information:

“In line with the decisions taken by the Crisis Management Center created by the instructions of our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we will place hand disinfectant units at the points where there are turnstiles at our stations in order to protect the health of our citizens who use rail systems in public transportation. We started our studies on this subject. The assembly process will be completed in all of our stations as soon as possible. Our passengers can travel by disinfecting their hands for free. ”


Eyyüp Dereli, who thinks that the disinfectant vending machines placed in the Metro Stations for hand hygiene is an in-place application, said, “I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for taking these measures. A very nice application. We will give back to back, we will try to get rid of this disease. If we take such measures, we will overcome these days simply by the country. ”

While the disinfection and cleaning works are continuing at the Metro Stations, citizens who use public transportation shared their thoughts on the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality on public health with the following words:

  • Yeliz Isitmir: “The hand sanitizer is a very good idea. The use of disinfectants can be relatively comforting to us. I want this application to become widespread at all stations for passengers who have to use the subway. ”
  • Murat ErdoÄŸan: “It is a very important application in terms of health. It is a necessity to have these disinfectants especially in public places. It should also be in our homes. It was very good for our municipality to do this work. Thanks to those who contributed. ”
  • Gunel Nasibova: “We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for considering our health and implementing such an application.”
  • Kamran Baykal: “We are very pleased with the Metropolitan. This is a very nice app and good service. At least people can disinfect their hand and travel without carrying any germs. ”

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