Public Transport Free to Healthcare Professionals in Antalya

public transport services for healthcare professionals in Antalya is free
public transport services for healthcare professionals in Antalya is free

Health workers in Antalya will benefit from public transportation services free of charge. With the instruction of Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek, health workers will be able to benefit from the rail system free of charge with official plate vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality by showing their personnel cards.

Within the scope of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has taken an important step in preventing healthcare professionals who work devotedly regardless of time concept. With the instruction of Mayor Muhittin Böcek, health personnel who fight against coronavirus will be able to use public license vehicles and rail system vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge. Healthcare workers will be able to access the company free of charge by showing their corporate identity cards.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek stated that they are grateful to the healthcare professionals who spend their hard work by revealing their lives against the epidemic disease, saying, “We try to provide all kinds of support as much as we can. If our health personnel show their cards, they will be able to access the bus and rail system of our municipality without paying. ”


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