Free Access to Private and Private Heads in Izmir

Free access to privates and privates in Izmir
Free access to privates and privates in Izmir

The soldiers and soldiers who perform their military service in İzmir will benefit from public transportation free of charge during their military service.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate provided free access to public troops in military units in Izmir. Pursuant to the provision in the Askeralma Law No. 7179, “It provides free use of public and municipal public transport services operated by the public and municipalities during the period of service”, it was decided to give İzmirim Card to privately and privately and public transportation vehicles. The cards will be valid for 6 months, the mandatory military term.

Commands will apply

Private and specialists who want to get a free İzmirim Card will be able to make their applications through the commands they are affiliated with after depositing the 10 TL card fee to the bank. The cards of the soldiers whose letter of request, photograph, identity and date of discharge have been reported to the General Directorate of ESHOT will be delivered to privates and patrons through commands.

If the personal Izmirim Card is used by someone else, legal action will be taken against the cardholder.

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