Statement of 'Dereköy Border Gate' from Kırklareli Governorship

Derekoy nerve gate explanation from kirklareli governorship
Derekoy nerve gate explanation from kirklareli governorship

Kırklareli Governorate announced that the news about 'The citizens can leave Dereköy' regarding the Dereköy Border Gate opened to Bulgaria, which was closed to entrances and exits within the scope of coronavirus measures, did not reflect the truth.

In a statement made by the Governorship of Kırklareli, “Our Citizens Can Leave Dereköy” on some social media accounts and news sites ..! The headline news does not reflect the truth, it informs the public incorrectly.

"Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, citizens from Bulgaria on demand, only open to pedestrian reported that the Dereköy-Malko Turnovo border crossing between Turkey and Bulgaria ...

According to the report of the Bulgarian State Radio (BNR), citizens of the pedestrian crossings are not allowed at the Kapıkule-Kapitan Andreevo and Hamzabeyli-Lesovo border gates, while the citizens of Bulgaria who want to cross the Turkish-Bulgarian border to Kırklareli, then take the intercity bus. or they can reach the Dereköy Border Gate by taxi. ” Although the news published as an article does not reflect the truth, the official statement of the Kırklareli Governorship in our press release 2020-11 is clearly stated below;

Ipsala Black Border Gate on the Greek border, Pazarkule Black Border Gate, Uzunköprü Railway Border Gate, Kapıkule Kara Border Gate on the border with Bulgaria, Kapıkule Railway Border Gate, Hamzabeyli Black Border Gate, Dereköy Kara Border Gate are closed to passenger entrances.

The voyages for passenger transportation from the mainland of Greece, from the Greek islands to our country, have been stopped temporarily.

These measures will be applied in the same way to Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian citizens and third-country nationals.

The citizens of Greece and Bulgaria, who have a residence permit in our country, will be able to enter our country within the framework of the measures determined by the Ministry of Health. Turkish citizens who have residence permits in Greece and Bulgaria will also be able to exit. However, persons who will enter or exit within the scope of this article will be able to exercise their rights only once until the pandemic danger passes.

No restrictions will be imposed on freight transport at the border gates. Foreign trade will continue within the framework of the procedures determined by the Ministry of Health and Trade. ” expressions were used.

Günceleme: 23/03/2020 13:55

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