Behavior For EGO Drivers Training Ended

Behavioral patterns for ego sofors ended
Behavioral patterns for ego sofors ended

Training on “Behaviors and Personal Development” organized by EGO General Directorate for transportation personnel has ended.

In the hands-on training, where citizens were also actively involved for the first time, especially the behavior of the drivers towards disadvantaged groups was discussed.

In the training, where the behaviors of the disabled, the elderly and the women were explained in practical terms, the duties and obligations of the transportation personnel were discussed. In addition, due to the March 8 International Women's Day, information was provided within the scope of the “Provincial Action Plan on Combating Violence Against Women”.

Especially our disadvantaged groups had the opportunity to directly explain the difficulties and misconduct that they faced while using public transportation. Yusuf Samed İlerisoy, who shared the problems he experienced in buses as a disabled person by attending the training, asked the transportation staff to be more sensitive to them.

EGO General Directorate of Service Improvement and Organizational Development Department, Bus Operations Department, Human Resources and Training Department of the Turkey Union of Municipalities of training sessions held at the Municipal Academy of cooperation, Hacettepe University Faculty of Educational Sciences Department Chairman Prof. Dr. It was given by Şule Şefika Erçetin.

2.500 EGO drivers attended the training that continued throughout February.

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