27.03.2020 Coronavirus Report: We Lost 92 Total Patients

Turkey Minister of Health - Dr. Fahrettin Koca
Turkey Minister of Health - Dr. Fahrettin Koca

The main topics of what Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in the live broadcast explaining the Coronavirus balance sheet dated 27.03.2020:

"Life has changed in Turkey since at least March 10. There are countries where the loss is expressed in thousands and the number of patients is close to 90 thousand. Turkey has done everything in its power to protect the people, chose to give the national fight against global problems, it took stringent measures. Previous measures are now just an advantage.

“The days ahead will be different whether we want it or not. This disease has a spreading ability that can change life all over the world. The way to stay away from the virus is to change something in our lives. Virus is intercepted when contact is interrupted. The measures are actually simple. We have to meet the requirements and comply with them.

“Today, we held our perhaps most important meeting with our Scientific Committee. We have seen that we need further measures against the spread of the disease. The approach we put forward was the following: We made isolation the most important measure, a principle. The meaning of this approach is that social mobility should be minimized, social life should be organized accordingly. For this, working hours, holidays should be organized. Our Scientific Board also proposes a measure for contacts in the confined space.

“By reducing social mobility and contact, community life needs a new order. The aim is to control the virus where it is preventing the spread of the virus. To this end, this principle reaches the important point against reducing mobility and spreading. Making a set of moving the virus from city to city. This approach may be considered as the isolation of cities. The measure proposed by the Scientific Committee is a temporary life style with certain limits.

“Now a new method of struggle is coming to life. Strict compliance with the measures taken will make it easier for our hope to come true. Our Ministry will continue to take every step required by global experience during this period. I mentioned in our previous press meeting, we will publish the data about the disease on our corporate website.

As of today, it will be updated on the internet and announced every evening. In the last 24 hours, 7 tests were performed. In total, 533 thousand 47 tests were made. We detected 823 positive cases. Our total number of cases was 2. With the 69 people we lost today, our total loss of lives was 5. 698 of our patients who are still on treatment are in intensive care. 17 of them are intubated. 92 of our patients were recovered and discharged.

Turkey Coronavirus Balance Sheet 27.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

In total, 47 thousand 823 tests were made. We detected 2 positive cases. Our total number of cases was 69. With the 5 people we lost today, our total loss of lives was 698.

11.03.2020 - Total 1 Case
13.03.2020 - Total 5 Case
14.03.2020 - Total 6 Case
15.03.2020 - Total 18 Case
16.03.2020 - Total 47 Case
17.03.2020 - Total 98 Cases + 1 Dead
18.03.2020 - Total 191 Cases + 2 Dead
19.03.2020 - Total 359 Cases + 4 Dead
20.03.2020 - Total 670 Cases + 9 Dead
21.03.2020 - Total 947 Cases + 21 Dead
22.03.2020 - Total 1.256 Cases + 30 Dead
23.03.2020 - Total 1.529 Cases + 37 Dead
24.03.2020 - Total 1.872 Cases + 44 Dead
25.03.2020 - Total 2.433 Cases + 59 Dead
26.03.2020 - Total 3.629 Cases + 75 Dead
27.03.2020 - Total 5.698 Cases + 92 Dead


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