24.03.2020 Coronavirus Detailed Report: Number of Healed Patients 26

Turkey Minister of Health - Dr. Fahrettin Koca
Turkey Minister of Health - Dr. Fahrettin Koca

table showing the latest situation concerning # Coronavirus cases in Turkey, was shared with the public.

  • Number of cases: 1.872
  • Died: 44
  • Intensive care: 136
  • Intubated (Respiratory patient): 102
  • Healed: 26
turkey corona virus patient list
turkey corona virus patient list

Twiti, who explained the coronavirus balance dated 24.03.2020, of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca was as follows:

How many people? This is asked every day in 195 countries. Losses and if not too late for Turkey. The measure could prevent the increase. A total of 24 tests were performed in the LAST 3.952 HOURS. There are 343 new diagnoses. We lost 7 of our patients. One was COPD patient. Six were of advanced age. We are as strong as the measure we have taken.

Turkey Coronavirus Balance Sheet 24.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

So far, a total of 27.969 tests have been performed, 1.872 have been diagnosed, and we have lost 44 patients, most of whom are elderly and COPD patients.

11.03.2020 - Total 1 Case
13.03.2020 - Total 5 Case
14.03.2020 - Total 6 Case
15.03.2020 - Total 18 Case
16.03.2020 - Total 47 Case
17.03.2020 - Total 98 Cases + 1 Dead
18.03.2020 - Total 191 Cases + 2 Dead
19.03.2020 - Total 359 Cases + 4 Dead
20.03.2020 - Total 670 Cases + 9 Dead
21.03.2020 - Total 947 Cases + 21 Dead
22.03.2020 - Total 1256 Cases + 30 Dead
23.03.2020 - Total 1529 Cases + 37 Dead
24.03.2020 - Total 1872 Cases + 44 Dead

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca and Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made statements to members of the press after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting. Minister Koca gave information about the screen where the number of cases will be announced.

Emphasizing that no health institution or any physician can prevent the transmission of the virus, Koca said, “You can prevent this. You can prevent it by withdrawing to your home. You can prevent it by wearing a mask if necessary. You can avoid it by avoiding contact. Our state is strong in this struggle. We are the ones who will get results with this power. ”

“The number of middle-aged cases is not low”

Addressing the older ones, Koca said, “The number of middle-aged cases is not low. The virus does not distinguish between young, old and middle aged. If you have an illness that you are not aware of, the virus will reveal it and the treatment will be more difficult than you ever expected. ”

“Please do not see the application as a holiday”

Reminding that the education of children continues, Minister Fahrettin Koca said:

“The training is given over the internet and television for a while. Please do not consider the application as a holiday, prevent your children from understanding the subject like this. They should not be left behind from their lessons and friends. ”

Information will be updated digitally and shared with the public every day.

Minister Koca shared the following information about the application to be made for the public to receive easier and clearer information in the following period:

“In the next period, we will regularly update the total number of patients, the number of tests, the number of cases we have lost, the number of patients in intensive care, the number of patients connected to the intubation, the respiratory device, and the number of healing patients, and we will be shared daily with the public.”

Medicines from China

Referring to the number of drugs taken from China and their use in patients, Minister Koca said, “136 patients were started. The treatment dose is certain. We know that a dose and an average box with a recommendation from the Scientific Committee are used for a patient, and at least 5 days of use. We will be able to talk more clearly in the next week whether it is beneficial or not. ”

“83 million don't have to take the test”

Koca also made explanations about who should do the tests and said, “83 million people do not need to have a test, there is no such application in the world. Because when you have the test, it may be negative, but it may be positive after 3 days and 5 days. You can infect many people at that time. Everyone should act as a carrier of the virus, "he said.

Highlights from the statements of Minister Selçuk are as follows:

Minister Ziya Selçuk stated that with the suggestion of the Scientific Committee, they decided to have a holiday until 30 April and to continue distance education within the scope of coronavirus measures.

Pointing out that the process was a problem encountered for the first time in the history of the world, Selçuk emphasized that they regard this issue as a Ministry pedagogically and that the priority is the health of children.

“We are ready for all kinds of scenarios about compensation of educational needs, exams”

Stating that they will continue their education with much higher quality and full programs starting next week, Selçuk said:

“I want all our citizens and parents to be good cheers. We are ready for all kinds of scenarios regarding the completion and compensation of your children's educational needs and exams. Nobody should worry that we will do what is necessary.

Minister Selçuk stated that from time to time, he would inform the public and share some issues regarding other legislation, needs and exams related to the Ministry of National Education.

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