20% of Ankara Train Station Campus Allocated to Medipol is a Commercial Area

Percentage of the medipol land where tcdd gar settlement is allocated is a trade area
Percentage of the medipol land where tcdd gar settlement is allocated is a trade area

TMMOB City Planners (ŞPO) Chamber Ankara Branch announced the expert report prepared for Ankara Train Station Campus allocated to Medipol University, which was founded by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. Remarkable findings were included in the statement titled “The New Victim of Inconsistent City and Health Policies: TCDD Train Station”. One of the findings is that 20 percent of the Ankara Station Campus can be used as a 'commercial area'.

In the statement made, “TCDD Train Station area is allocated to Ankara Medipol University, which was founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. The proposed plan was filed because the 35.5-meter-high construction will disrupt the city's silhouette and historical texture, the proposed use and intensive construction will increase pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and the choice of location for health use is spotless and does not comply with city-wide decisions. ”

Dedicated to the use of private hospitals

One dayAccording to the news in Turkey, the expert delegation who examined the Ankara Station area with the lawsuit filed by ŞPO gave the following details in the expert report submitted to the court on 4 March:

  • The contradiction of the projection of realizing the investments that are needed with the decision of the private university area is contradictory,
  • With the abandonment of the public owned Gar area to the foundation property, all the services to be carried out in the region can be obtained for a fee and therefore have been converted into a customized area status,
  • It is against the public interest of allocating the area to private hospital use while the city hospital is providing services and many hospitals located near the area have been moved,
  • The introduction of 'commercial space' in 20 percent of the planning area will increase the traffic load of pedestrians and vehicles by causing urban technical infrastructure problems,
  • After the completion of the Central Ankara Project, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the parcels subject to the case, together with the project regarding the Train Station, there will be a significant increase in the ongoing transportation load on the Hippodrome street. ”

In the statement that the TCDD Train Station, which is an important part of Ankara, was taken from the public by the treasury and left to the disposal of individuals and foundations, “Rental, contract and protocol transactions were completed by non-transparent methods. Intensive construction is allowed in favor of private capital, ignoring all the qualities of the area and without seeking any public benefit. We respectfully announce to the public that we are resolutely continuing our rightful struggle, which is registered with the expert report at TCDD Train Station. ”

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  1. It is wrong to give ankara old station and campus to someone else. If I was asked if I was asked tcdd? If rent is to be received, how much money monthly? How long is this allocation? Will these places given for .rant be returned to tcdd again or will they be sold in the future? Why is there no explanation?