Increase YHT Expeditions, Get More Discount For Students

Increase yht expeditions and expand suit areas
Increase yht expeditions and expand suit areas

Konya-Ankara High Speed ​​Train line continues to be one of the most preferred transportation routes by citizens. The number of passengers, which was 2018 million in 8,1 in YHTs, increased by 2019 percent in 2 to 8,3 million. As of the end of last year, the history of the Republic was broken in cargo and passengers carried by rail.

With the high speed trains (YHT) operated by the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation, there were record increases in the main line, regional and urban trains compared to previous years. The number of passengers, which was 2018 million in 8,1 in YHTs, increased by 2019 percent in 2 to 8,3 million. While the number of passengers carried by conventional trains increased to 2018 million in 16, it increased by 2019 percent in 10 to 17,5 million. While the demand for international passenger trains has also increased, the Istanbul-Sofia, Van-Tehran and Trans Asian trains served 2018 thousand passengers in 200, and 2019 thousand passengers in 15, an increase of 230 percent. Serving 2018 million passengers in 68, Marmaray and Gebze-Halkalı With the completion of the line, the number of passengers carried in 2019 rose by 84 percent to 124 million. Since its opening on 500 November 20, in which more than 2019 thousand passengers moved in Marmaray, the highest passenger record was broken. The number of passengers carried by Başkentray, which serves on the Kayaş-Sincan suburban line in Ankara, also rose from 67 million to 8,5 million, an increase of 14 percent compared to the previous year. It also increased cargo transportation. In 2019, 29,3 million tons of cargo were transported.


On the railways, the length of the signal line, which was 2003 thousand 2 km in 505, increased by 155 percent to 6 thousand 382 km. Thus, 50 percent of the railway lines were signaled. Work is also continuing on the rail line that is 739 km long. Turkey is the 8th European countries operating in 6 YHT line length as the world has reached 213 thousand km. The total number of passengers carried by the Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines has exceeded 53 million. Construction works continue on a total of 8 YHT and High Speed ​​Train (HT) routes.


High Speed ​​Train, which is preferred more than other transportation vehicles in intercity transportation, draws intense interest from the citizens. Citizens are asked to add additional flights to the High Speed ​​Train, which saves both time and money.


Suggesting that the expeditions should be more, Passenger Mehmet Ali İçer said, “I am from Karaman and I use high-speed train when I travel to Ankara. We would like more expeditions. Fast train, as the name suggests, enables us to reach our destination more quickly. I am very pleased in this regard. If I go by bus, I cannot save both time and money. In my opinion, high speed train is more advantageous. There was not a long hike in price, although now I find the prices affordable compared to other means of transportation, even though their prices have increased. That's why I take care not to use other means of transportation unless I have to. ”


Expressing that the location of the High Speed ​​Train Station is a historical place and they are very pleased because it is a central place, Yolcu Erol Öner said, “I use the high-speed train when I go to Ankara to Istanbul. Prices rose, but I am very happy with the high speed train service. There is only one issue that upset us. We are very pleased with the station location where this High Speed ​​Train Station is located. It is centrally close to everywhere. We can provide easy transportation. It is also a historical place. This was the center of the city 100 years ago. We came to 2020, again, the center of the city. So it would be better if the train station did not move here. There are also students who use the high-speed train constantly. A separate discount is required especially for students. Because there may be students whose financial situation is not good and who have financial difficulties. These should also be taken into consideration. It would also be much better if food and beverage service came. "It would be better if everyone is given equal service and equal prices," he said.


Emphasizing the need for a discount for students at High Speed ​​Train prices, Yolcu Kıymet Kavurga said, “We are very pleased with the high speed train service. Since the station is in the city, we travel the day when we arrive. Transportation to Mevlana is close, we do shopping from the bazaar. One day can be returned. We are also happy with the prices. It has many advantages over other means of transportation. That's why I usually prefer the high-speed train. It would be nice if more services were added to the existing station instead of just moving the train station. In addition, the high-speed train remains in the hands of the state, and does not become privatized. For example, we are not satisfied with the station in Ankara. Because it's very complicated like a maze. But this place is very comfortable. Another issue I would like to mention is; students benefit from the discount, but a further discount needs to be made. There are students who come daily. May they give them soup, bagels and tea. Student subscription prices have increased too much. There is no harm from the reading person. People reading this country will save. "It is beneficial to give them a separate discount," he said.


Underlining that he is satisfied with the high speed train service and is more advantageous than other means of transportation, Hacer Yavaş said, “I am Konya. I'm going to Ankara with my friend. When I went before, I could not find a place in the high-speed train. I had to return by bus. I usually prefer the high-speed train because my friend's house is close to the high-speed train but it is too far from AŞTİ. The journey takes about four hours when I go by bus, but I am there in a 1 hour period by high-speed train. I am very satisfied with the service. Both seats are very wide and comfortable. Prices have increased slightly, but again, there is not much increase in my opinion. Due to this price increase, people are also very pleased if snacks such as cake and juice are given on the train. Also, I have not experienced any problems in the sinks on the train until today. Things like napkins and soap always happen. I do not see a deficiency in this regard either. I hope that such services will continue increasingly. ”


Sümeyye Doğan, who advocates that the baggage places on the high-speed train should be expanded more, “I am very pleased with the high-speed train service. I am a student in Konya. My family lives in Istanbul. I prefer the high-speed train on my way to Istanbul. However, when I have to go urgently, I have to use a bus. Because I think there is no place in the voyages, it would be more beautiful if they increase the number of voyages. Otherwise, I have to buy a week or two before. Apart from that, the seats are comfortable, but I do not find the luggage places enough. There are those who bring more than one suitcase, sometimes there is no place to put the suitcase. In fact, I know and lived when the schoolbags were on vacation, when the luggage was piled up at the entrance door and there was no place to pass. Since the corridors are narrow, there is no chance of being placed there. As I said, the areas where the suitcases are put are also better if they are expanded a little. Nobody will have trouble. ”(Sümeyra Kenesarı /New News Newspaper)

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