Ankara Dikimevi Nata Vega Metro Project What Happened?

Dikimevi Nata Vega Metro Project What Happened
Dikimevi Nata Vega Metro Project What Happened

While Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made important statements regarding the agenda, he gave information about Ankapark and Dikimevi Nata Vega Metro Project, which was the subject of curiosity.

About the projects and works of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas Ankara, Sözcü newspaperPresident Yavaş, who gave important remarks to Saygı Öztürk, answered the questions.

Ankapark, which was built for 750 million dollars during Melih Gökçek period and cannot be operated today, is another important issue on Yavaş's agenda. He tells what to do for Ankapark as follows:

“Ankapark was tendered a month before we took office. This project doesn't work, but we want the $ 1 million spent there to not waste money. We want to evaluate it. What should we do to the citizen? We will ask. We will find a solution according to him. If that money wasn't spent there, the subways would be finished, there would be no problem with transportation. Ankara would have no problem with water. It could be spent in good places. There are millions of pounds of wasted like this. ”


Mayor Yavaş, who also gives information about metro lines projects followed by Ankara residents, said, “We have to do these things professionally. We have 600 million TL loss last year. If the losses continue, it can go bankrupt. We have to reduce these losses and please Ankara residents.

I can give the following good news: We have started to extend the subway at the Dikimevi 6 stops further to the location of Nata-Vega. It costs about 157 million euros. Also, we will extend the part that already exists in Söğütözü but does not work due to signaling to METU. ”

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