TÜVASAŞ can produce imported railway vehicles

tuvasas is able to produce imported railway vehicles
tuvasas is able to produce imported railway vehicles

Turkey Kamu-Sen President Önder Kahveci, he said TÜVASAŞ no longer capable of producing rail cars that are imported from abroad and that the shell broke.

Turkey Kamu-Sen President Önder Kahveci, the Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman Nurullah flag of Turkey Wagon Industry A.Ş. (TÜVASAŞ) visited. The chairmen who met with the workers here went to the social facilities of TÜVASAŞ. Sakarya branch presidents of the confederation unions were also present during the visit. Turkey Kamu-Sen President Önder Kahveci found the assessment to members of the press here.

Kahveci's statement is as follows: We have witnessed very important developments during our TÜVASAŞ visit today. I congratulate all TÜVASAŞ employees for these successful developments.

TÜVASAŞ was commissioned to produce National Electric Train Sets with a decision taken by our state in 2013.


During our visit; In TÜVASAŞ, thanks to this project, the construction of the facility where Aluminum Bodies of Train Sets will be produced has been completed, and all of the modem robotic benches to be used in the facility have been supplied locally and nationally, and that the production required by the Aluminum body vehicle that has never been used before in our country and the infrastructure required by this project is in TÜVASAŞ. We have observed that the plants where these bodies are sandblasted and painted are also completed. We also learned that 240 vehicles with aluminum bodies can be produced annually in these established facilities. We witnessed that the production of the bodies of our National Train was also started at the facility.


This is TÜVASAŞ kazanIt has achieved the potential of being the only one in our country and in the nearby geography.
With this project, in which TÜVASAŞ was commissioned, we saw that it started to produce Aluminum Body Electric Train Sets with a speed of 160 km / h and that it is continuing its production activity in this regard rapidly.


In addition, we observed that TÜVASAŞ has made it a principle to supply the materials to be used in this vehicle and all the vehicles it will produce from now on, and also cooperates with ASELSAN, the pupil of our country, on these issues.

With the experience acquired by TÜVASAŞ in this regard, we have witnessed that the Electric Train Sets to be operated at operating speeds of 225 km / h have been initiated and are about to finish.


It is also very pleasing that TÜVASAŞ has received great support from our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in order to further develop this potential so that it can carry out all its activities successfully from the design to production of all types of high-tech passenger vehicles.

TÜVASAŞ has the potential to produce High Speed ​​Trains, Metro vehicles, Light Rail System vehicles with these breakthroughs. kazanIs Her.


We see that TÜVASAŞ has done its part as a distinguished public institution, and produced for our country and nation with all its knowledge and capacity.

Based on the statements of our President, with the support of our Minister, the work of this distinguished organization, which is trying to be local and national, must have been done 30 years ago. We would like to thank our President, Minister and TCDD for their support to TÜVASAŞ and we request that these support continue.


We especially demand this support because we have seen that TÜVASAŞ has now broken its shell and can make all the vehicles carrying passengers and imported from abroad, especially Fast and High Speed ​​Railway vehicles. We are aware of how much this situation bothers Foreign companies and their representatives. As a result, we are aware of the fact that they will transform all kinds of mischief and intrigue as they did in the past in order to prevent all these things. As a result, I congratulate all the TÜVASAŞ employees, the architects of this success story, and wish the continuation of the success. (The Sakaryayenihab)

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