Articulated bones of the Railway Sector of Logistics Activities in Turkey

printer backbone of the railway sector of the logistics activities turkiyede
printer backbone of the railway sector of the logistics activities turkiyede

Speaking at the opening of the 1st Coordination and Consultation Meeting of TCDD Tasimacilik, General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, Kamuran Yazici, has been operating as a “Railway Train Operator” in our sector since January 01, 2017 in our sector, which was removed from monopoly by the liberalization of rail transport. 682 passengers, 170 freight trains are operated by our General Directorate, and millions of passengers are transported to the destination where thousands of tons of cargo are going. Our business is not only limited to the domestic market, but is spreading to a wide geography from China to the extreme point of Europe with the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and the Trans Caspian International Railway Route. ”

`` It constitutes the backbone of its infrastructure ''

Printer, "Turkey Logistics Master as specified in the Plan, our country, our industry railroad in the goal of becoming a logistics base forms the backbone of the transport infrastructure." He emphasized that the printer, all the lines that make electrical and signal rail to the downloading of the national railway center in international transit of our country oldog, private He stated that many factors such as the passenger and freight transportation of the sector have made the railway sector dynamic and the need for resources has increased gradually.

`` Currently, while new lines are being added to the high-speed train operation, which continues on the 1213 km high-speed railway line, there will be a significant increase in our daily voyage and passenger carrying capacity, '' Yazıcı said.

The printer stated that thanks to electric locomotives that are not dependent on oil, low maintenance and operating costs, and diesel locomotives that provide a new generation of fuel economy, a significant improvement will be achieved in operating expenses.

Yazıcı said that when it evaluates all these, it is important to increase the investment allowance allocated in the investment program by at least 3 times for 2 years.

'' Qualified Human Element is of Great Importance ''

"It is our first priority to ensure that our employees at all levels work with zero errors and to eliminate the conditions that may disrupt this."

"Our greatest reward in our heavy duty is the acceleration of the country's development, with the trust and beliefs of the people we have been transporting far and away for miles."

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