Menemen Aliağa Çandarlı Motorway, No Better Than ALOSBİ For Investment

there is no better than alosbi for investment with menemen aliaga candarli highway
there is no better than alosbi for investment with menemen aliaga candarli highway

The Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Motorway, which will be opened on Saturday, will provide a significant solution to the traffic problem on the northern axis of the industrial centers in İzmir. Aliağa Kimya İhtisas ve Karma Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (ALOSBİ) Chairman of the Board Haluk Tezcan said, “We will be more accessible and more competitive with this highway. Infrastructure, there is nothing better than to invest in Turkey ALOSBİ the upper structure, "he said.

Menemen-Aliaga-Çandarlı Motorway, the next process in Turkey is planned to be the largest port in Candarli Port will be integrated. ALOSBİ Chairman Haluk Tezcan, Turkey's largest OIZ was pointed out that as a great responsibility.

It has strategic importance

Tezcan said, “We have set a goal to increase employment to 60 thousand people and export to 250 million Euros a year. While our efforts continue for the expansion of 10 million square meters, our investments continue. To support advanced technology and innovation-based production, our Technopark Project continues to work on Güzelhisar Underground Dam for the 'water', which is the important production need of the industrialist. We will also double our water treatment capacity from 3 cubic meters. Nemrut Küçük Sanayi Sitesi, which acts as an incubation center, is launched soon. We opened our doors to industrialists who want to grow their business and we gave the industry lands a 500-month maturity. ALOSBI is shown as both the biggest OSB and the best OSB for investment. All of these are indicative of how big our responsibility is. On the other hand, the highway has a great strategic importance for the investor. ”

Tezcan pointed out that the traffic problem will disappear when the motorway and ALOSBİ connection is activated in a short time. “There is no better place for investors than ALOSBİ. We now have everything in a high standard way, our water, our own electricity, our workforce, our production power. Time and fuel consumption will be saved with the highway. Due to its high standard connection to Aliağa and Çandarlı Port, heavy vehicle traffic in the city will be relieved. In fact ALOSBİ, offers the greatest chance in terms of investment in Turkey at the moment. Providing the best service with its infrastructure and superstructure, ALOSBİ has further increased its strategic importance with the highway. ”



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