Science Delegation Reached The Turkish Base In Antarctica

antarctic science committee reached turk ussune
antarctic science committee reached turk ussune

Turkey organized by the Antarctic Science Expedition 4 set out the context of the team, which reached the provisional Turkish Science Horseshoe Island Air Base is located. Expeditionary Leader Dr. Ersan Başar said that after the trip, which took place under difficult conditions, they set foot on the continent and scientific activities started.

The Turkish Science Delegation, which continued its journey after the establishment of the GNSS Station in Dismal Island in Antarctica, reached the temporary Turkish Science Base, which started operating last year. After the scientific committee reached the base, the Turkish National Anthem was read together and the Turkish flag was drawn to the post. The one who welcomes the scientific committee on the island; There were penguins and seals that shared the base and its surroundings with the Turkish team.

The delegation informed the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who followed all the stages of the journey moment by moment, that they reached the base.

The science committee later Dr. Under the leadership of Ersan Başar, he made a tour of the region. The delegation of science conducted a feasibility study for the regions where they will conduct research. Despite the difficult natural conditions and momentary changing meteorological conditions, Expedition Leader said that the expedition continues successfully. Dr. Ersan Başar said, “We will establish two GNSS stations on Horseshoe Island. At the same time, we will maintain our meteorology station, which we established a year ago. In scientific studies, lake and sea water sampling will be done. In addition, soil, stone and plant samples will be taken from land. Besides our scientists, we have two guests this year. Two scientists from Belarus and Bulgaria are also working with us. We attach great importance to cooperation with other countries. ”

Antarctica, which is the 14th largest continent in the world with an area of ​​5 million square kilometers, is located in the southernmost part of the Southern Hemisphere. 75 percent of all fresh water reserves in the world are located in Antarctica. The sea ice area, which reaches about 18 million square kilometers in the winter season, falls to 2-3 million square kilometers in summer. While sea ice balances the climate system, it provides the accumulation of algae, which is the beginning of the food chain, and becomes a home and breeding ground for various living things.

In addition to the rich natural resources it contains, Antarctica has the feature of “natural laboratory” for climate research, geophysics, biology, space sciences and many other disciplines. It is estimated that there are rich mineral reserves on the continent, where scientists conduct research in various fields. The continent is home to penguins, seals, whales, birds and various animals.

While almost half of the bases are located on the Antarctic Peninsula, which is easy to access and convenient for life, there are also bases in regions with difficult conditions such as the South Pole Point. While most science bases operate only in the summer months, some bases are available throughout the year. Turkey also is undertaking important scientific work in Antarctica in recent years.

The presidential patronage, Industry and Technology Ministry vested in the TUBITAK MAM Polar Research Institute of coordination in the 4th National Science Expedition, which regulates Turkey, to increase their research in a temporary exponential Antarctica has established a new level and consultant aims to exceed the country's status.

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