President Seçer: Explained Mersin Metro Project to Students

president secer mersin explained the metro project to the students
president secer mersin explained the metro project to the students

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer came together with university students in the program called “Mayor Seçer is Telling the Mersin Rail System” at the invitation of the Civil Engineering Student Group. Answering the questions of the students about Mersin Rail System, Mayor Seçer shared all the information and the process about the project. Stating that there is no such thing as the subway project being on the shelf, Mayor Seçer said, “There may be such objections in the tender processes. Otherwise, we do not have a step back in the subway project. "There is no such thing as the tender disappearing, the tender is not going to continue, the metro project is on the shelf," he said.

University means science, means culture, means art.

Toros University Cultural Center Bahçelilevler Campus, besides President Seçer, Toros University Board of Trustees Chairman Yusuf Sertaç Özveren, Toros University Rector Prof. Dr. Haluk Korkmazyürek, Deputy Mayor of Yenişehir Municipality Hacı Bayram Battı, CHP Party Council member Fatma Güner, CHP Mersin Provincial Mayor Adil Aktay, CHP Yenişehir District President Tayar Tahiroğlu, councilors, many academicians and hundreds of students attended. Moderated by Prof. Dr. In the program made by Süleyman Türkel, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and officials also answered the students' technical questions. President Seçer, expressing his happiness for being with students at Toros University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the region, said, “University means science, university means culture, art means. University means brightness, university means democracy, university means human rights, university means change, transformation, revolution and innovation. When you say university, you can think of anything good in the world. It is rapidly moving towards being a university city in Mersin. We have 4 universities and over 60 thousand students. Valuable scientists train these students. The place where the youth is is bright, there is light, there is abundance economically and socially. "There are all opportunities in Mersin that require a young person to study at university or make it attractive."

“We are still discussing whether or not there is a metro in Mersin. But we are determined. We evaluated this as an investment that should have been ”

Speaking about the metro system, President Seçer explained that the history of this system dates back to the London Underground until the 1860s. Seçer said, “In other words, we are talking about a system that is about 1.5 centuries old. Unfortunately, there are such insights that there are still those who see the metro investment in Mersin as an unnecessary investment, an investment that should not be an early investment. We are in the era of Industry 4.0. While we are investing in very different, much newer technology, advanced societies with new generation technology, public transportation, we still discuss whether or not there is a metro in Mersin. But we are determined. We evaluated this as an investment that should have been ”.

“The general concept we will use should be a rail system”

Seçer, who continued his speech by talking about the metro projects of different cities discussed on the agenda, continued as follows:

"Very different models with rail systems in Turkey's history to life at many points. In more than 160 reputable cities around the world, the rail system is currently operating actively. It is not necessary to confuse the concepts. I am not an expert on this topic, but as a mayor you have to know every issue. You have to know what you are doing, what decisions you are signing under. The general concept we will use should be the rail system. Not a subway, not a light rail, not a tram. These are different models. In our rail system project about Mersin, which we will now explain, we will apply different models in 3 different phases. One is the underground rail system, one is the level rail and the other is the tram rail system. The technique described here is defined as a tram with a capacity of up to 15 thousand passengers. If you are carrying passengers per hour between 15 and 30 thousand, you call it a light rail system. If you are carrying passengers per hour on the line that you have built over 30 thousand, this is called a heavy rail or metro. So let's call it a rail system in general. ”

Stating that the system, which is currently on the agenda and is in the tender stage, has a rail system structure of approximately 13.4 kilometers, Seçer said, “2. A 9 km rail system structure in phase. This is level. The line that starts in front of the Old Mezitli Municipality is a rail system that will go from underground to about 13.5 kilometers. We will do this in the first place. Then it will continue in the direction of Siteler north about 1 kilometer from the old bus station. We will point this system there. Phase 2 is happening there with the level. So it goes to the ground. It continues from the City Hospital to the new bus station. This is a 9 kilometer line on our line. Another one starts from the Fairground point, on the border of Yenişehir. From there, there will be a line of approximately 34 kilometers, including 7.25th Street, University Hospital, University and University Street, as a ring-to-line route. A total of 30 kilometers of rail system. Let's give the numbers approximately. Let's discuss our first phase here. Preparations are underway for the other two parts. Currently, ground studies are underway. ”

"The construction sector in Turkey is experiencing serious difficulties"

Stating that the tender entered the system on January 25, Seçer said, “However, this tender corresponded to February 27. We used our 20-day toll right because of the corona virus. We as Mersin, in Turkey this size, we are a first method of this magnitude as the tender price. In other words, the contractor company will both find the financing and construct the subway. Here we have this in the tender specifications during this process; If we access a more affordable financial resource, that is, the cost of the financial resource we will find will be lower than what the firm has offered to us in this tender, we will provide financing to that firm, the construction will be done by the other firm. The financing leg is very important here. In fact, he is the most important. Or conjuncture and Turkey, both currently offers the world situation is actually suitable environment to make these types of investments. The construction sector in Turkey is experiencing serious difficulties. Car parks of valuable, serious, solid companies are waiting empty. They want to build with very small profits. On the other hand, financing leg is the most important issue. There is a serious excess of money in the world. If you have political and economic stability in your country, these resources can come to you at a very low cost. ”

“The Chinese financial institutions that we will provide the cheapest money”

Speaking about the effects of the Corona virus in the world and stating that the Chinese financial institutions are the source they will provide the cheapest money, “The effects of the Corona virus in the world continue. China's financial institutions will provide the cheapest money. We postponed the tender for 20 days because the extraordinary conditions there caused us trouble. It is our legal right for another 20 days. When we say let's use it, we looked at it one by one, and a firm named here, a company named 'Dev İnşaat' is appealing on January 10 and the Public Procurement Authority for some technical reasons; canceling our tender with a reason that seems very meaningless. Let me say the summary. This 'Dev İnşaat' company is entering a subject that is not limited. We also investigated this. This company has not done such a project. It is not seen as a serious company with experience in such a large construction. 'Service is essential for the tender announcement. However, it is not the duty of any official to make the municipality bankrupt with uncertain borrowings, and these provisions are to abuse the current task in itself. What is the underlying reason for such an oppressive advertisement? ' said. We are entering a huge borrowing. This concerns the company. We are abusing the task. The Public Procurement Authority is canceling this tender with a pointless objection. ”

“We are waiting for the reasoned decision of the Public Procurement Authority”

Stating that the issue was misrepresented to the public in some media, written, visual media and television, Seçer continued as follows:

“'The project hit the wall'. 'The project, the tender for the subway has been shelved'. 'Project tender was canceled'. A perception in society as if this tender will not be held again or this project will not be held. This was false news. It was a news story that was not well read, well analyzed, and not well evaluated. Therefore, we need to enlighten the public. There may be such objections in the tender processes. It will not be our first and last. We are going to many tenders. Now Tevfik Sırrı Gür High School has also been out there. Already in bureaucracy things are slow. A signature is really in 3 months, 5 months. You go, you come, you look. Some reproaches come to us. There was an appeal there. Our tender was further postponed for 20 days, citing a subject in a small specification. These are just a waste of time. Otherwise, we do not have a step back in the subway project. There is no such thing as the tender disappearing, the tender does not continue again, the metro project is on the shelf. With the new postponement request we will hold, this tender would be in the middle of April. Now we are waiting for the reasoned decision of the Public Procurement Authority. Today, it will come tomorrow. We will make some changes to the specifications based on the reasons given to us. The tender process will continue again. Again, if we take into account the anticipated tincture periods caused by the Corona virus, this tender will take place even under these conditions in the period we anticipated, that is, in mid-April. Only with this project will we not carry passengers from one point of Mersin to another; in fact, we will bring socio-economic structures together with this project. Now, in Mersin, in Siteler, Gündoğdu, other regions, Mezitli, University, wherever he lives or spends most of his time, a Mersin citizen can reach the desired point in a very short time, in a comfortable, safe, decent environment. can access. The bazaar will come alive. ”

“Metro means development”

Stating that Metro will be an important investment, Seçer continued his speech as follows:

“Metro will be one of the investments that will help eliminate all these complaints. If you say we are a brand city, it means an investment. Metro means development, development means Metro means civilization. You have to take this like this. It is not right to look at this event from a commercial point of view as if the systems we will make passenger capacity will return to us as a rational investment. Of course, we also calculate it. Daily passenger capacity in Mersin center, which consists of 2030 districts that we foreseen in 4, is 1 million 200 thousand. Approximately 13.5 percent of the total daily passenger capacity of this 60 km line in Mersin alone is on that route. Currently, there are approximately 800 thousand daily passengers in Mersin. 60 percent of this is around 450-500 thousand passengers, even 13.5 kilometers of municipal buses, public buses, private vehicles, minibuses and many transportation vehicles. We have calculated all this. Currently, there are hours between 18-20 thousand hours and even 22 thousand hours on that route during peak hours. The passenger capacity of this system in the first 13 kilometers of first line to be built has already reached an average of 15 thousand. While I was just describing this, I said tram up to 15 thousand passenger hours and light rail system between 15-30 thousand. Light rail has reached the limit. The period from the beginning of this system to construction will be 3.5 years. We give options against any negativity every 6 months. So, in total, this construction will take 4 years. It will go into maximum service in 2024. Until then, if the average passenger capacity is 15 thousand, it will be 20 thousand. It will reach 25-27 thousand in peak hours, when it is already put into operation and in 2030, the capacity that we assume in Mersin will reach 1 million 200 thousand in one day. This is an important figure. ”

Mentioning that they have to invest as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Seçer said, “Will Mersin Metropolitan Municipality pay for this price? Because it is a serious investment. I can't give the number right now. Because it is in the tender stage. Yes, it is an important investment, a large amount of investment, but of course we calculate it. Construction will be finished in 4 years. We say between 3 and a half, 4 years. We will not make a payment. We will not do 2 more years, the system has been put into operation, the period from the date when the digging was hit to the date we will pay is 6 years. In 2 years of this, the system will be operational. So when the passenger starts to carry, this system will now provide a recycling. Since it is an income generating investment, an income will begin to emerge and we will pay it in the remaining 11 years. We hit the pickaxe, the period between the end of the debt is 17 years. We have to invest. We have to borrow. We hear some criticisms about this issue. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is under great debt burden. How will you do if you don't borrow while making big investments? ” gave expressions.

“Besides the subway, you do it in the parking lot and underpass”

Stating that there are extra important issues to be provided by the subway, Seçer said, “We will have 13,5 kilometers and even 11 stations. 10 of them will have motorcycles and bicycle parking spaces, and 10 will have underpasses. Natural underpasses will occur due to this construction. Now pedestrians will use the underpass. GMK will relax. We come from underground at GMK and there will be parking at 6 points. We will have parking at 1800 locations with 6 vehicles. In other words, you are investing in the subway, but you also do it in the parking lot, besides you do it in the underpass, besides, you direct people to vehicles such as environmentally friendly bicycles. For example, he will park there with his motorcycle, get on the subway, if he wants to Çamlıbel, if he wants to go to the City Hospital, if he wants to go to the City Hospital, or if he wants to go to a different route, he said.

4 new bridges of good news to Mersin!

Mayor Seçer, who also gave the good news that they will make new crossroads, said, “We are working on the traffic of Mersin. I do not want to specify any points at the moment. There will be new crossroads. According to the order of importance, 4 bridged junctions are currently identified. One of the first construction will begin this year. During the first 4 years, we will realize a minimum of 2. If our budget and duration correspond to this, we will put the bridge intersections into service at these 4 points in 4 years. Valuable and important projects are waiting for us not only in the center of Mersin but also from Anamur to Tarsus. We work sincerely for Mersin by adding our night to our day. Just knowing it and believing in us will give you peace of mind. Hopefully, we will do very good services to Mersin with the applications we will do. ”

Map of Mersin Metro

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