Panel on the Role of Health Problems of Drivers in Traffic Accidents

panel on the role of health problems of the traffic in traffic accidents
panel on the role of health problems of the traffic in traffic accidents

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş Ufuk University School of Medicine and Turkey organized by the Foundation for Assistance to Traffic Accidents "Passenger Transportation, the driver Role of Health Problems in Traffic Accidents" participated in the panel.

Speaking at the opening of the panel, Alkaş emphasized the satisfaction of citizens in the presentation of the public transportation services of the EGO Headquarters, bringing the citizens of Ankara to life with the vision of being the most reliable, fastest, most economical, sustainable. Stating that he accepts providing the most comfortable and most satisfactory service as a mission, he said that the most important stakeholder in the execution of this service delivery is the transportation personnel, driver.

Emphasizing that our drivers, who provide public transportation services, should be able to work in a healthy, safe, peaceful environment and conditions, in order to provide our citizens with the standard we aim, “General Manager Alkaş said: It is a very important issue in terms of minimizing the travel risk ”.

Stating that they try to be very careful especially in recruitment of transportation personnel, Alkaş emphasized that there are important duties to the Authority in this regard. Nihat Alkaş stated that the drivers who will start to work as a driver at the EGO General Directorate must meet certain conditions and that the drivers have started by getting a health report from the full-fledged hospitals, and that their psycho-technical tests and examinations are carried out every two years.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş added that our drivers are ready for any kind of cooperation that is planned to be done regarding health problems, and Dean of Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Fikri İçli, Traffic Accident Aid Foundation and University Board of Trustees Op. Dr. Orhan Girgin and Prof. Dr. He thanked Mehmet Tomanbay for his invitations.

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