Ombudsman: 'Seat Belt Does Not Protect, Damages In High Speed ​​Trains'

ombudsman does not protect seat belt on high speed trains
ombudsman does not protect seat belt on high speed trains

The Ombudsman investigated whether or not a seat belt can be used on high-speed trains at the request of the citizen. In the report prepared, it was stated that the effect of the seat belt will be worse in an accident that occurs at high speeds such as 255 km per hour.

In the 2019 report submitted to the Parliament by the Ombudsman, in the investigation on the demand for belts, “In the event of a major accident, to increase the safety of the passengers during the train accident, rather than the wearing of the seat belt, especially in the studies carried out, where the passengers were more vulnerable to injuries and could not escape the danger. It was concluded that the seat design developed for the company was more effective ”.

“First of all, it is necessary to prevent accidents”

According to the news of Turan Yılmaz from Hürriyet; ”The 3-person expert committee commissioned by the Ombudsman stated that taking the necessary precautions to prevent accidents is more important than applying a seat belt at high speeds. The delegation evaluated that “By equipping rail vehicles and lines with full security, signaling and control systems, the accident rate will drop to almost zero levels and this will end the discussion of applications with high risks as well as return for passenger safety”. In the Ombudsman's report, all these findings were pointed out and said:

“It gets worse”

“It is very unlikely that systems that fasten the human body to the seat, such as a seat belt in high-speed vehicles, will have the benefit of a passenger, and the impact of the seat belt will be worse in an accident that occurs at high speeds, such as 255 km per hour, and therefore, the safety belt in high-speed trains from protecting the health of passengers during an accident. In view of the fact that it is rather damaging, it is not possible to find a violation in the refusal of the request by the relevant administration to put a seat belt on trains and high-speed trains. ”

Durable seat recommendation

In the Ombudsman report, some improvements have been made to the interior of the wagon in order to ensure passenger safety, and it is emphasized that measures should be taken to minimize damage to the passenger in the wagon at the moment of the collision and to control the damping of kinetic energy in a regular manner. " was recorded. The Ombudsman also decided to advise TCDD on these issues.

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