Is there any increase in Marmaray Fees?

No increase in marmaray fees
No increase in marmaray fees

At the Transportation Coordination Center meeting held at the Disaster Coordination Center affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was decided to increase the shortest distance fare from 2.60 TL to 3.50 TL in private public bus, IETT, metro and metrobus schedules.

Representatives of tradesmen who stated that there has been no increase in public transportation fees for 3 years, demanded a 35 percent increase in electronic ticket fare tariffs at the UKOME meeting. As a result of the voting, it was decided to increase the electronic ticket fare tariffs by 35 percent. Thus, students who do not apply the same raise rate will increase from 40 lira to 50 lira, while 65-year-old cards can be used free of charge.

The hike will come into effect after the signature of the relevant authorities affiliated to the İBB. İBB White Table officials said that they were not informed about the hike.

Marmaray fees, which are affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will continue in the same way.

FULL PARKING FEE ₺5,70 ₺4,00
1 - 7 STATION ₺2,60 ₺1,85

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