Manisa Metropolitan Disinfects Public Transport Vehicles

manisa big city disinfects public transportation vehicles
manisa big city disinfects public transportation vehicles

In cooperation with Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department and Transportation Department, disinfection was initiated in vehicles providing public transportation services in and between cities in Manisa.

In Manisa, disinfection was started in public transportation vehicles used by thousands of people every day in order to prevent the transfer of epidemic diseases from person to person. Within the scope of the disinfection application carried out in cooperation with the Department of Health Affairs of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and the Transportation Department, approximately 200 vehicles serving in urban and inter-city public transportation will be disinfected. Department of Health Affairs, Pest Control Branch Manager Firuze Ak, Terminals Branch Manager Evren Yıldız and Public Transport Branch Manager Selçuk Bozkurt followed closely. With the study carried out by the Health Affairs Department, Department of Pest Control, it is aimed that the people of Manisa can travel in a clean and healthy environment. With the application, it is aimed to contribute to preventing infectious diseases that occur seasonally.

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