Light Rail System will be Added to Sakarya Transportation Master Plan

light rail system will be added to sakarya transportation master plan
light rail system will be added to sakarya transportation master plan

Sakarya Kent Council held its February meeting with the participation of members in the Premier Hotel hall serving in Erenler. The members of Şura, who came together for the 93th time, were discussed at the meeting held under the chairmanship of Yavuz Deniz.

Şura's guest this month was Ömer Turan, the Head of Transportation Department of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. Turan, who attended the Shura meeting, made important statements regarding public transportation and works that would ease traffic.


Three new members joined the City Council, which meets once a month. Adapazarı Municipal Council Member and Account Expert Haluk Akbay, Ergün Muzoğlu, who retired after serving as a manager at the highway factory for many years, and Hüseyin Balta, who provided consultancy services to private sector companies, became the new members of the City Council.

City Council President Yavuz Deniz started his opening speech by expressing our condolences to the families of our deceased martyrs.


Stating that the transportation master plan made in 2013 should be revised, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Ömer Turan said, “The transportation master plan is like our constitution. So it needs to be revised every 5 years. The revision process has started and will be put out to tender as soon as possible. There will be a rail system in it. action will be taken by taking the opinions of non-governmental organizations. If we can bring a light rail system to the city this period, we will feel happy as a management. The basis of this is to add light rail system to the transportation master plan. After that, the process will begin. ”


Stating that SGK intersection application projects, which have become a problem in transportation for years, are about to be completed, Turan said, “The SGK intersection application projects will be finished within 10 days. There will be a multi-storey pass at the SGK junction. We will finish until the end of this year. It will be removed at the junction in front of it, and traffic will be made fluid in this direction. At the entrances to the city, it will easily proceed without lights. "It can be easily reached to Hızırtepe, Erenler direction and Serdivan direction without a light transition."


Stating that the passenger capacity has reached around 7 percent within 70 months, Turan stated that there are planning studies regarding the electric bus in order to prevent environmental pollution in urban transportation. “As the Municipality, we had a 10 percent carrying capacity when we arrived. We increased our carrying capacity with the supreme instruction of our President Ekrem, and our passenger capacity reached around 7 within 70 months. The people have favors to municipal buses, we need to improve the quality and renew old buses. There are 100 buses, emissions from exhaust. Our goal is to reduce emissions and to increase investments in transportation through savings. My dream for a clean environment is that we have planning studies on electric buses, looking forward to this. ”

Stating that the one-way traffic flow of many streets in the city was made with the UKOME decision, Turan added that the one-way traffic flow decision in Sakarya, which is sensitive to disasters, would be useful in case of a possible earthquake.

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