Landslide on Samsun Ordu Highway

landslide on samsun army highway
landslide on samsun army highway

After the landslide that occurred in Taşbaşı Mahallesi on the Black Sea coastal road, the Metropolitan Municipality has been working effectively from the first minutes of the incident to open the road to transportation as soon as possible. The teams mobilized to open the road that was closed to transportation by removing the soil and stone debris.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who received information from the authorities about the work done in the region where the landslide occurred on the Samsun-Ordu highway. Mehmet Hilmi Güler visited Dürdane Aktaş, who was injured in the incident, in the hospital where he was treated.


Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler made a statement in line with the examinations he made at the scene and the information he received: “Our friends responded quickly to the landslide. There was no greater problem than Allah. The teams are taking the necessary measures. Traffic will be provided from one lane. Since the rocks are large, they will be broken and transported. One of our citizens was injured due to the incident. Our Metropolitan Municipality strives to take necessary measures to avoid a much larger event. We will open the road to transportation by cleaning the rock and soil fragments. ”


Explaining the practice that was implemented in the region during the period of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, President Güler said, “We had made the bottom of the road where there was a landslide in a healthy way. The tops also look risky. We will take this place very seriously and deal with it gradually with curtain concrete and different applications. With the works we will do, we will both implement the projects at the point of re-urbanization and prevent possible landslides. We will prevent similar situations that may occur with the work we will do step by step. After the technical report to be prepared, we will send a solid and healthy system to our Army. kazanwe will go,” he said.

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