KonyaRay Route and Stops

konyaray route and stops
konyaray route and stops

Kayacık - from Konya Railway Station, which is 26 km long new rail project, "the Republic of Turkey State Railways for KONYARAY signatures in Konya Metropolitan Municipality was discarded.

Konya Governor Cüneyt Orhan Toprak, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun attended the signing ceremony.

With the introduction of the suburban system to be built in the metro standard, the congestion created by the service vehicles in the road traffic will be reduced, the travel time that takes 1 hour by land will be reduced to 30 minutes and 19 new suburban stations will be built in accordance with the access of disabled citizens.

The suburban line that Konya is curiously waiting for will serve as a double line from Antalya Ring Road Bridge to Organized Industrial Zones. With the opening of the line, transportation to the Organized Industrial Zones, where nearly 100 thousand people go and go, will be faster and more comfortable.

Everyday Life of Konya People Will Be Easier

Expressing his pleasure in being in the homeland of Mevlana, Konya, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said:

“The support of the light rail system, which has recently been reinforced with new lines and new vehicles, with suburban lines will facilitate the daily lives of our Konya residents.

Commuter lines will be integrated into the city rail system, faster, safer and more affordable transportation will be provided, and the area covered by public transportation will expand.

KONYARAY, which we carry out in cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the most important transportation projects we will realize with local governments. The constructive and analytical attitude of our Metropolitan Municipality has strengthened our strength.

The project, which will be 26 km long when it is completed, will take 1 hour by road and will be reduced to 30 minutes. 90 thousand passengers will be served daily and there will be transportation from Konya Station to the new Konya YHT Station on the route of KONYARAY project, which includes 19 stops. ”

KonyaRay Route Map and Station Names

KonyaRay Stops

KonyaRay Commuter Line consists of 19 stops.

  • Konya Organized Industry
  • science Center
  • aerodrome
  • Jet Base
  • Aksaray Junction
  • Horozluhan
  • Aykent
  • 1. Organized Industry
  • Furnishers
  • YHT Station
  • Tower Site
  • Rauf Denktas
  • municipality
  • Konya Train Station
  • Meram Municipality
  • Chechnya
  • the Kovanağzı
  • Let me
  • Yaylapın is
KonyaRay Map
KonyaRay Map

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