Passenger Carrying Capacity Increased at Kadıköy Moda Tram

kadikoy fashion tram passenger capacity increased
kadikoy fashion tram passenger capacity increased

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of trains on Kadıköy Moda Tram Line. During the busy hours of the day, the passenger carrying capacity of the line, which was served by 3 wagons, increased by nearly 30 percent.

T3 Tram Line, which serves between Kadıköy Moda, started 2020 with a new flight schedule. Serving in one of the most important centers of Istanbul between 06:55 - 21:00 every day, even in the first months of 2019, between 08:10 - 19:10, there are 2 wagons and the remaining hours are single-car trains, daily 3 passengers. was working with capacity. At the end of 900, services started with 2019-car trains throughout the day, and passenger capacity was increased by 2 percent, reaching 10 people.


As a result of the feedback received from the passengers and the feedback that they were satisfied with the increase in the number of trips, vehicles with 2020 wagons were started to be used between the hours of 14:00 and 19:00, and 3 wagons for the rest of the day. As a result, the daily passenger carrying capacity of the line increased by 2 percent compared to the same period of 2019 and reached 30 passengers.

The Kadıköy - Moda Tram Line, which came into service on November 1, 2003, is 2,6 km long and consists of 10 stations. The line, where 4 tram cars operate, starts from Kadıköy Square, follows the Bahariye Street via the bus, and reaches Moda by Kadıköy Square.

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